Our Mission

To give the patient and his family a clear advantage to win their war against diseases by creating the best infrastructure, technology and support.

To put the patient first, be futuristic and innovative in the delivery of healthcare.

Built with the vision to revamp the medical skyline of Thane, Jupiter Hospital was established in 2007. It is a central landmark in the city where the tertiary care hospital has been successful in catering to the increasing healthcare needs of the growing population.

Located close to the arterial Eastern Express Highway, we have good connectivity and are easily accessible to the residents from all nodes around Thane. Being near the Mumbai International Airport, we see a fair share of patients from different states of India as well as overseas.

Spread across three acres, Jupiter Hospital Thane is tantamount to any other top-ranking hospitals in the world. We are equipped with 350+ beds across seven floors and house South Asia’s finest cancer care clinic. Furthermore, our cardiac care includes various procedures, as well as a liver and kidney transplantation facility. Treading forward, we became the region’s first institution with an NABH accreditation by the Quality Council of India.

Rising above, Jupiter Hospital was all set to advance into a new city after Thane. In the year 2016, Jupiter Hospital was established at a prime location in Baner, Pune. The Eleven-storeyed hospital is now one of the finest healthcare facilities with world-class infrastructure, latest technologies and skilled doctors.

Chairman’s Message

Dr. Ajay Thakker,

Chairman & Managing Director

Welcome To Jupiter Hospital - A Tertiary Care Hospital

Our foundation stands on the philosophy of putting patients first in everything we do. Our tertiary care hospitals in Thane and Pune are completely equipped to provide complete support to patients along with their families. To win the war against diseases, we provide the best infrastructure, technology, quality and skillsets.


Having practised the 'Patient First' ideology, we at Jupiter Hospital have grown successfully over the years with philanthropic ideals and a compassionate business model.


Here are a few of our milestones:


  • We started as a hospital with 12 departments in Thane; today we are a multi-speciality hospital chain with two hospitals and new ones on the anvil.


  • We started with 84 beds; we now have a capacity of close to 750+ beds.
  • We started with 40 doctors and 200 support professionals; today we provide consultation in over 30 specialities through more than 350 doctors and over 1270 support professionals.
  • We have 14 centres of excellence where we have the city’s finest doctors and technologies providing the best patient care to one and all.


Going forward, we intend to continue investing our resources to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare through a self-sufficient business model that will generate value for all our stakeholders.


With our 'Patient First' approach, we have brought the best aspects of modern medicine and healthcare under a single multi-functional premise, right from day one.

In our quest to implement patient-centric care, we are amongst the first hospitals with a dedicated ‘hospitality’ team to ensure better comfort of patients and families.

The management introduced some architectural designs, unlike any other hospital, keeping the patients and their families at the epicenter.

  • Both Jupiter Hospitals dedicate about 1200 sq. ft. of space per patient, which is much higher than the WHO recommendations.
  • One most important factor kept in mind while designing a Jupiter Hospital is patient privacy. Even the twin sharing rooms in Jupiter Hospital’s Pune facility are more like private rooms.
  • We have provided ample space around the patient bed, maximum natural light, toilet access from the headwall, and the capacity to accommodate family members comfortably.
  • The entire hospital premises have well-lit, large spaces for comfort and convenience for the patient’s family.
  • Patients and relatives can also relax in the large open spaces provided on each floor to provide a mentally and physiologically soothing time close to nature.
  • There are large lounges for the families and free night accommodation for relatives of all patients admitted in ICUs.

At Jupiter, we have undertaken a comprehensive program to monitor, assess and improve the quality of patient care and operational processes delivered at Jupiter Hospital. The Department of Quality works hand in hand with the clinical team to identify and evaluate quality outcomes. The team focuses on reconnecting quality and patient safety with clinical care. This collaboration supports Jupiter Hospital’s commitment to quality patient care.

For the smoother recovery of our patients, we give topmost priority to Infection Prevention. We have the best in class Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), designed and supplied by experts in infection control from Sweden. Our Operation Theatres (OT) have a laminar airflow wherein the air cycle changes 55 times in an hour. The system filters up to 0.3 microns to ensure the air inside the OT is as pure as possible.

We also have an entire infection control team that makes and enforces stringent policies for infection control within the hospital. The team is dedicated to improving patient care, preventing adverse outcomes and promoting patient safety while minimizing occupational hazards for Jupiter employees.

Jupiter Hospital is one of the frontrunners in the healthcare industry’s conversion to the electronic medical record (EMR), a computer-based version of the patient chart. An in-house software allows doctors’ immediate access to a patient’s medical records, prescriptions and lab results. While EMR has virtually eliminated the risk for lost information, coordinated care is enhanced as the healthcare team can access patient records simultaneously, greatly improving communication in a seamless process for healthcare providers.

Not only doctors but Jupiter Hospital patients also can access their medical record on the Internet, any time of day or night through our website. Fast, easy and secure, our software is a breakthrough in physician-patient communication, and yet another example of how information technology is improving health care.

While patients are treated by doctors and clinical staff, a strong army is working persistently behind the scenes to ensure patients, doctors and all our staff are comfortable in the premises.

Biomedical Engineering

Jupiter Hospital is the only healthcare institute that has had a fully-equipped biomedical department since day one and is involved in the first-hand problem-solving.


A dedicated backend team along with outsourced vendors, ensuring the entire premise, the equipment, and the infrastructure is maintained at optimum levels.


Pharmacology is a science that takes care of the patient's well-being from behind the scenes in the hospital. It is a biomedical science and the study of drugs, of the reactions of the body and drug on each other.

At Jupiter Hospital, we are committed to adhere to the toughest of benchmarks to earn accreditation and accolades that underline our pursuit of providing patient care.


Jupiter Hospital Thane is the region’s first NABH accredited institution by the ‘Quality Council of India’, a recognition for the high standards of quality healthcare as well as operational and management efficiency. The accreditation reconfirms the high standards of Jupiter Hospital in providing the best infrastructure, technology, medical staff and a futuristic and innovative approach towards healthcare. It also means that we have a dedicated infection control team that guarantees continued care of our patients and their family.


Other Notable Accreditations
& Recognitions:

At Jupiter Hospital, we are committed to adhere to the toughest of benchmarks to earn accreditation and accolades that underline our pursuit of providing patient care.

Nabl Accreditation for pathology Department
First NABH Accreditation For Hospital
Innovation In Reducing Healthcare Disparity
Innovation In Reducing Healthcare Disparity
Best Medical Tourism Service Provider
Radio City
Icon Award
Best Medical Tourism Service Provider