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We understand that if you are an athletic person, you just want to know when you can return to the gym after a hip replacement. Hip replacement surgeries have become common as more and more people are staying active. To avoid hip replacement, they want to know what kind of exercises they should avoid after a successful hip replacement.

Usually, it is safe to go back to most of the exercises that you were doing before, but some of the activities need caution. And if you are not taking precautions, then some of the aggressive exercises can ruin your hip. If you have recently undergone hip replacement from the best Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement hospital in Pune, here are the things that you should consider.

How Much Loosening will happen to an Anterior Hip Replacement?

After a joint replacement, the joints that were dissected will heal back together. And with traditional hip replacements, a moderate amount of activity will come with a little bit of pain, and that would prevent you from doing too much.

You may follow the popular anterior approach for a hip replacement, which may reduce the amount of pain, but however, if you don’t follow their post-operative precautions, you could be in a world of pain, which may result in failure of your operation.

Causes of Early Loosening Of A Hip Replacement

All the hip replacements rely on the approach called a “press fit.” Here, the metal implants are cornered tightly into the bone and held strongly by the compression and friction of the bone and metal interface. This is usually a short term solution, but for long term durability, the bone will grow into the metal parts of the hips. Over time, bone cells creep in the porous coating of the metal pieces and get attached, just like a tree attaching itself to a nearby post. The prosthesis is locked for the long-term by this approach.

Total Hip Replacement: When Can I return to the Gym?

If you have visited a Hip replacement hospital in Pune, the doctor will advise you to take rest for a few weeks as the muscles, ligaments, and capsule of the hip will take time for healing. It takes six weeks for a bone to heal during fractures. But the bone to remodel itself will actually take two to three years after a hip replacement.

But worry not; we are not saying that you have to avoid the gym for two years. In fact, most of the strength exercises will help you with remodeling and getting your bones stronger. But for three months, you have to be off-grid. You could consult your doctor about the specifics.

After a hip replacement, you can start exercises and begin your rehab immediately. But don’t overdo it. Here are the exercises that you could perform after a hip replacement.

Exercises which are Safe after Hip Replacement

You can move your leg while lying down in a safe motion. You can do air squats, walk, light jog, and move up and down the stairs. It’s because these exercises have plenty of motion without pausing.

Unsafe exercises involve standing on your surgical leg while exercising the other leg. This will cause a great deal of force on your operative hip. Also, single balancing on your surgical hip while doing yoga or running will test the limits of your hip.

In addition, you can swim with a freestyle stroke because there are limited motions that your hip will be put through. However, a breast-stroke will put too much force and motion your new hip.

Don’t add weights while doing squatting exercises; the barbell would push it over the edge.

Have Patience

The Best hospital in Thane understands that every patient is different. Some people are able to recover faster and some slower. Don’t look at social media and see people doing hard exercises just after their hip replacement surgery. You do understand that not everything in social media is true. Social media comes with its false notion, where a person performing deadlifts after a hip replacement knows nothing about orthopedic surgery.

Do you think that squatting six weeks earlier really taking all the efforts that the best doctor in Pune has put into? Think about your long-term, where you want to keep going until your 60-70s. Think safe, think smart; you can’t argue with your body.