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Renal cancer, commonly known as kidney cancer, is a malignancy that develops in the cells and tissues of the kidneys. As the kidneys play a very vital role in various metabolic activities and are also responsible for filtering urine, it is very important that these keep functioning without any hindrance. Renal cancer can severely disrupt the normal working of the Kidneys, which gradually become dysfunctional. Luckily, treatment for renal cancer is offered at all the leading cancer hospitals in India. However, there is one important thing that every patient undergoing renal cancer treatment should know. The treatments can often trigger symptoms that can interfere with your digestion and alter your normal appetite. You can easily manage the symptoms and side effects of the treatment by optimising your diet and nutrition.

In this blog, we enlisted some dietary tips that can help patients suffering from renal cancer, with the help of the best doctor in India.

Why do you need a healthy diet?

Been detected with kidney cancer and undergoing the treatments can drastically impact your appetite and two other problems like mouth sores, nausea and indigestion. We know that a healthy and nutritious diet can benefit any one, and the same holds for patients undergoing treatment for Kidney cancer. This is important to give your body all the strength that it needs to fight cancer and heal.

It is important to understand that many treatments that are administered for renal cancer are systemic. This means that search treatments are not just limited to a particular part of the body, but design to reach each and every cancer cell, which is spread throughout your body. This means that organs and areas that have not been affected by cancer will also be involved.

Bloating constipation and diarrhoea are very common problems that patients usually complain about. Many patient's experience complete loss of appetite, while some develop mouth so which make it difficult for them to eat irrespective of whether they are feeling hungry or not.

So, if you are undergoing treatment for Kidney cancer here are a few things that you need to add to your diet.

  • Fresh fruits and veggies - The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables is known to all. Diesel is loaded with important nutrients that strengthen your body and help you find many diseases and ailments. Some studies have suggested that consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in fibre can actually help you fight kidney cancer and negate the risks of its recurrence. You can make fruit or vegetable salads or choose any fruit that you like and munch on it.
  • Add whole grains to your diet - as you are planning your meals, you simply cannot ignore whole grains. These are multiple health benefits and are also known to alleviate the risk of cancer. Whole grains are loaded with fibre, antioxidants and vitamins, all of which are really good for your health. So next time you are going to buy your grocery, pick whole grain food items instead of the normal ones.
  • Increase calorie intake - earlier you must have heard that calories are not good for you, however, a cancer diet is quite different from what you eat on a daily basis. Patients suffering from cancer need to eat foods rich in calories in order to maintain a healthy weight because in the majority of cases the patient is likely to experience unintended weight loss. So it is important to make up for the lost energy and calories, by eating foods like peanut butter, whole milk, cheese, eggs and dry fruits.

While you are focusing on what you should eat don't forget to strike off foods, that can harm your kidneys, from your grocery list. You need to lower your protein intake and avoid eating fast food and packed items. Eating healthy is the key to a robust recovery. You know more about the same you can consult our experts today.