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Spine and the back muscles support most of the body’s weight as we use these muscles for everyday movements like sitting, standing, and walking. Spine pain is a problem that can hinder a person's ability to perform day to day activities and cause unnecessary inconvenience. Therefore it is important to manage back pain. Lower back pain is the most commonly experienced problem experienced by adults. As per the experts from the best spine pain treatment hospital in Mumbai, eight out of ten adults experience issues related to lower back pain at least once in their lifetime. Upper back pain and mid back pain, although not very common, also affect a lot of people.

Bad posture, obesity, lifting weights in the wrong position, overactivity of the back muscles and age-related problems like arthritis are all known to cause back pain.

It is pertinent to note that back pain can be of various types and if it persists for more than a week or keeps worsening, you should immediately consult a doctor. However, if you wish to manage mild back pain at home without using any medication, you can easily do it with some simple tips.

Before we elaborate on these, here are a few things that you need to note. It is believed that complete rest can cure back pain, but that is not true as just resting is not enough. Back pain usually occurs because of weak back muscles and it is important to strengthen these muscles. Resting is important, no doubt in that, but lying in the bed all day will only worsen your back pain.

Some people believe that wearing a lumbar belt will help to reduce back pain but this is also false. Although it can help improve posture and alleviate the risks of back pain in future, it is not a solution for back pain but rather a preventive measure.

It is also believed that massage therapies, creams and ointments cure back pain, but this is also not true. Experts specializing in spine pain treatment in Mumbai suggest that therapies can only help you feel relaxed, but they are not a permanent solution to back pain.

Here are a few tips from the best spine surgery specialist in Pune.

1. Light exercise to keep your muscles moving

It is a common misconception that staying active will worsen back pain, but the opposite here is true as light exercise like yoga or brisk walking helps alleviate spine pain. It not only loosens tense muscles and strengthens them but also releases endorphins which are known to be the brain's natural pain-killers.

2. Stretching

Stretching not only helps relieve pain but also prevents it. You should incorporate stretching in your routine if you want to avoid back pain and related issues. Touching your toes while keeping your legs straight, child pose, cobra pose, cat-cow pose are some of the basic stretching exercises that you can easily add to your routine.

3. Heat and cold therapies

Ice packs and heating pads both are used to relieve back pain. If its swelling and inflammation that is causing the pain, then one should go for an ice pack. And if it's the stiffness and soreness that is the problem, then a heating pad is your best friend. It is important to avoid applying these packs for more than 20 minutes as they might burn your skin. You should also avoid using these if you are using any ointments or cream for pain relief.

4. Get enough sleep

It is scientifically proven that not getting enough sleep can affect how much pain a person can tolerate. The posture you maintain while sleeping is also very important as bad posture not only disturbs your sleep but also causes stiffness.

5. Lower stress levels

Stress can cause muscle tension and back pain. Therefore you should also monitor and manage your stress levels. Meditation, yoga and exercise, all help in relieving stress.