"At Jupiter, we believe there is a better path to healing that humanizes the practice of health care and inspires hope in the patient and family who need it the most.

The centre of our plans and decisions is our primary value that the needs of the patients come first. We take pride in where we work and what we do

You'll also find that our pride – in where we work, and in what we do – is a common trait.

You will truly be part of an amazing team committed to solving the most serious and complex medical challenges."

Manisha Shah

Why Jupiter

Dr. Ajay Thakker, our CMD, a visionary says 'We will put the patient first and foremost. That is our commitment and we will do everything possible within our reach to fulfil this commitment.'

He talks about the reason of our existence. Thus our philosophy, our vision, our mission and also our governing principles i.e. our values make us feel that our work has meaning. We see how the jobs/services we offer connect to the big picture.

The entire system, processes, and infrastructure have been created to enable each member to visualize the fundamental mission of this Hospital -Patient First. This inspires and gives clear direction and focus for the whole team. It makes the job easier and clear. They know exactly how the work/services they offer will improve the lives of the patients.

Great Place to Work® Certification is a 'Gold Standard' and the most definitive 'Employer-of-Choice' and Workplace quality recognition that any organization can receive. We were assessed by a Trust Index© survey that took the feedback from employees on the five dimensions of a great workplace – Fairness, Respect, Credibility, Pride and Camaraderie. It is most heartening to see that 92% of all the 300+ respondents said, "I am proud to tell others I work here".

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Jupiter Management always advocates a flat organization structure. In Jupiter, we have an open culture where anyone can directly go to the higher authority without necessarily jumping through hoops of bureaucracy or hierarchy. In Jupiter culture, we are proud to say that everyone can be honest and tell it if something bothers them.

At Jupiter, women constitute more than 68% of the total workforce. Jupiter Hospital is committed to attracting, retaining and advancing women, and has created special offerings for the same. Some of which are Mentoring on Maternity (our antenatal program), a zero-tolerance approach to sexual and workplace harassment. Additionally, a paid maternity leave of 26 weeks for women employees, apart from it they can utilize the available earned leave balance post this period. Furthermore, Safe Infrastructure & development support ensures the company walks the talk of inclusion.

Jupiter Hospital is a close-knit family wherein regardless of any event, professional or personal, the Jupiterians have the management standing with them. Be it any kind of celebration or any personal crisis the management always stands by each employee. The senior management leads to inspiring each member of its family. Leaders within the organization set the tone, a work ethic, our values through their behaviours and actions.

Safety of all our staff is our Top Most Priority@Jupiter. Training on Occupational Hazards: Induction training, HAZMAT training, Safety and Disaster Management Training happen as part of our boarding. We organize Annual Health Check-up of our direct patient care staff and also provide Personal Protective Equipment for staff working in various areas. ENT check-up including audiometry tests is carried out for our engineering staff working in areas with high noise. Earplugs are provided to all such staff working with heavy noise-making machinery. Pre-exposure prophylaxis against Hepatitis B for all direct patient care staff.

Learning and Development

Learning & Development At Jupiter

We strongly believe in Skill Enhancement & Development of our employees from across the hospital.

We have various training and development activities organized for our clinical as well as non-clinical staff throughout the year. Jupiter is an institute and a teaching hub for many students from medical, paramedical, management and technical fields. We believe in internal promotions and lateral entries in interested areas.

Our specialists, clinical instructors, nurse educators get closely associated with junior doctors and nurses in terms of training and further monitoring. This helps our employees move towards personal growth as well as perfection.

We offer sponsorships to our staff for CME’s, CNE’s, Workshops, and Conferences.

Life At Jupiter

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