Department and Services Category

Centre for Mental Health
Centre for Specialty Surgeries
Centre for Pediatrics
Centre for Diabetes
Centre for Audio, Voice & ENT
Pain Clinic
Centre for Orthopedics
Centre for Brain and Development
Centre for Rheumatology
Centre for Kidney
Centre for Cardiac Care
Centre for Dermatology
Centre for Urology
Centre for General Medicine
Centre for Pulmonology
Centre for Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases
Centre for Dental Care
Centre for Eye Care (Netralay)
Centre for Cancer
Centre for Paediatric Heart
Centre for Haematology
Nuclear Medicine
Gait Lab
Blood Bank
Medical Records Department
Centre for Organ Transplant
Centre for Wound Care
Cerebral Palsy Clinic
Pediatric Cardiology
Neuro-Rehab Institute
Cochlear Implants
Centre for Birthing

Healthcheck Packages

Detecting symptoms of certain health conditions early, when they are more
easily treatable, is a critical factor in helping you stay healthy.

Basic packages

A basic health plan which includes a series of tests to give a conclusive overview of your health status.

Women packages

Our special packages for women provides a complete evaluation of identifying any medical risk and initial treatment for the same.

Senior citizen packages

Our exclusive geriatric package specially provides a complete check-up for identifying any medical risks and initial stage treatment for it.

Comprehensive annual health check packages

This is an all-inclusive package that includes a complete evaluation of any risks on an annual basis.