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Guidelines For Health Check-Up

  • Checkups will be carried out from Monday to Saturday with prior appointments only. Any cancellations should be intimated at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Payment will be accepted by Cash or Credit / Debit Card only.
  • The approximate time for the completion of the entire package is around 6 to 8 hours. Patients are requested to report for registration at the allocated appointment time.
  • Please bring along all your earlier medical records when you come for the checkup.
  • If investigations other than those listed in the package are requested or required, they will be charged. Special discount of 30% on the routine rates will be offered on the same.
  • Relatives are most welcome with the patients. In fact, we would recommend that the family should be involved in counseling sessions.
  • Men are requested to shave their chest to ensure a good ECG / Treadmill Test.
  • Some reports like PAP SMEAR/MAMMOGRAPHY etc. will not be available on the same day but will be couriered with specialist’s comments.
  • Blood and urine samples are collected as fasting samples. Therefore, it is necessary to report in the morning with a minimum of 12 hours of fasting. You may, however, drink water if needed.
  • If you are pregnant or you think you could be, please inform the doctor before undergoing any tests.
  • Please do not have morning medicines on the day of checkup, but carry them along so that you can take them after collection of blood samples.
  • Enroll yourself for Cancer Detection Program for 2 years, and get the same package free for the next 2 years.