Radiation Therapy by VERSA HD

The Salient feature of Versa HD has follows 

We can able to perform procedures like 3D CRT, IMRT,IGRT,VMAT,SRT,SBRT and SRS.

Versa HD has the versatility to deliver conventional radiotherapy and a variety of indications and treatment techniques. It’s designed for the most challenging stereotactic ments, enabling ultimate clinical flexibility and operational efficiency for reduced treatment times and increased patient volume.
High-definition beam shaping Agility MLC allows high-resolution beam shaping over a larger treatment field of 40 × 40 centimeters. Fastest  leaf speed in the industry  of 6.5 cm/s  and integrated digital control enable higher dose rates to be used for more effective modulation. Low leaf transmission of less than 0.5 percent reduces integral dose.  
FFF beams have the same penetrating power as equivalent energy FF beams while reducing scatter, simplifying beam modeling, and increasing dose rate. In High Dose Rate mode, Versa HD delivers targeted high doses in a short period of time to ensure patients have the safest, most comfortable treatment.   
Advanced motion management Versa HD’s open system beam-gating interface connects to a variety of motion management systems, allowing patients specific motion management. For example, Elekta’s patented respiratory motion management solution can be used for an integrated, highly repeatable gated breath-hold delivery system.  
Non-invasive 4D image guidance Anatomically guided 4D imaging enables accurate motion management without implants or surrogate markers. Treatment delivery is possible with only small margins needed during free breathing, making free-breathing techniques an option for patients with respiratory issues.  
 Accurate patient positioning Integrated robotic 6D positioning enables submillimeter positioning accuracy plus six degrees of positioning for full translational (x, y, z) and rotational (roll, pitch and yaw) control. 
Advanced treatment planning Radiobiological modeling and Monte Carlo dose calculation is the most accurate method for predicting how dose will behave on its path to the tumor. Multicriteria optimization (MCO) means that doses to critical structures can be intelligently lowered without sacrificing target coverage.  

All-inclusive care