Liver travels from Kolhapur to Pune green corridor in 3 hrs, Jupiter Hospital

Driver Kiran Jadhav pulled to a stop the ambulance, which was carrying a valuable human organ, in front of the entrance of the Jupiter hospital at exactly 8.15pm. The green corridor created between Kolhapur and Pune’s Jupiter Hospital helped give a new lease of life to a 60-year-old man whose health was deteriorating. The ambulance took 3 hours and 17 minutes to reach the hospital from Kolhapur.

Jadhav has driven in a green corridor before but this was the first time he drove on a longer route. “It feels good that I was a part of the team which saved a life,” said Jadhav.

“The patient is suffering from hepatic artery thrombosis (blockage of blood vessels), and hence, needed an urgent liver transplant to save his life. His health was deteriorating and because of which, the transplant committee took the decision to push the case as a priority. The patient’s waiting number was six on the list of people waiting to receive transplants,” said Dr Sunil Rao, chief operating officer (COO), Jupiter Hospital.

Cadaver (living) liver was available at Kolhapur. The Pune Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) considered Jupiter Hospital’s request on an urgent basis for liver transplantation and the corridor was set up from Aster Aadhar Hospital in Kolhapur to the Jupiter Hospital in Baner, Pune.

“The ambulance left Kolhapur hospital at 5.02pm after the liver was harvested in Kolhapur at noon and reached Jupiter Hospital at 8.15pm. It took 3 hours and 17 minutes for the ambulance to reach the hospital, whereas this route usually takes six hours,” said deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Ashok Morale, traffic division, Pune.

The traffic division had around 100 police officials manning the green corridor. The ambulance had two escorts at two places along the route - Satara and Kolhapur.

The city police sub-inspector (PSI) Subrao Lad accompanied by two of his staff took over at Shindewadi, which is located at the city limits and reached Jupiter Hospital, Baner, in 24 minutes.

“We had covered 30 kms and heavy traffic to make it here as fast as we could. We got here in record time,” said Lad of the Dattawadi traffic division.

A 33-year-old donor was declared brain dead on May 4 after a road accident on April 30 in Kolhapur. His family volunteered to donate three of his organs. The kidney, liver and heart were been taken for transplantation, wherein the liver was being received in Pune, heart being sent to Mumbai, one of the kidneys was to be given in Kolhapur and another in Solapur.

The liver transplant was performed by a team of surgeons headed by Dr Sharan Narute, liver transplant surgeon, Jupiter Hospital, Baner.

“The decision by the brain dead patient’s family to donate his liver to a needy patient is worth appreciating. It is very important to note that through organ donation, one man can give a new lease of life to another man,” said Dr Narute.

The corridor had the complete support of Vishwas Nangare Patil, inspector general of police (IGP) Kolhapur and Ashok Morale, deputy commissioner of police (DCP) traffic division, Pune.

Dr Sharan Narute, transplant surgeon, was also present during the journey. The mission was coordinated by Sagar Kakad, transplant coordinator of Jupiter Hospital, Pune.

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