Pune: Pancreas-kidney transplant reverses businessman’s diabetes

A team of surgeons successfully carried out a combined pancreas-kidney transplant on a 53-year-old diabetes patient at Jupiter Hospital on Thursday to relieve him from taking insulin shots permanently.

The recipient, a furniture businessman from Thane, was suffering from type 2 diabetes for the last 20 years. He had been on dialysis for the last two years as both his kidneys had failed. He was enrolled with the Jupiter Hospital for the combined pancreas-kidney transplant one-and-a-half-year ago.

The transplant could take place after the relatives of a 35-year-old brain-dead man from Nashik donated his pancreas, kidneys and liver. The liver was transplanted into a 50-year-old Pune man, who was suffering from end-stage liver disease, at Ruby Hall Clinic on Thursday.

“The pancreas-kidney recipient is recovering and his diabetes has reversed. We are closely monitoring his progress and will discharge him in a week,” Jupiter Hospital’s multi-organ transplant surgeon Gaurav Chaubal told TOI.

During the combined transplant, which took eight hours, the doctors did not have to remove any diseased organs from the recipient’s body. They placed the new kidney on the lower left side of the abdomen and connected it to nearby blood vessels and the intestines. The ureter was attached to the bladder. On the lower right side of abdomen, the pancreas was connected to blood vessels and the intestines to allow secreted insulin to pass into the intestines and get metabolised.

“His is completely stable. All his deteriorating bodily parameters have come within healthy range. His blood sugar level is normal too. In fact, he now requires glucose supplementation to maintain normal blood sugar. For that, we are administering him intravenous dextrose (sugar). That is enough evidence that the transplanted pancreas is functioning normally,” Chaubal said.

The man’s condition had started worsening over the last two years. “The unstable and uncontrolled diabetes caused either a drastic drop or spike in sugar level at slightest variation of insulin dose. This damaged his eyesight too. He has been lately diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. He was also losing his nerve sensation. In all, he was in bad shape. The transplant has simply given him a new lease of life,” Chaubal said.

Besides Chaubal, the pancreas transplant team at Jupiter Hospital comprised certified multi-organ transplant surgeons Aditya Nanavati, Apurva Deshpande, Suryabhan Bhalerao, transplant physician Shailesh Kakade, transplant intensivists Vaishali Solao and Jayent Shelgaonkar, and Anaesthetists Bhagyashree Arbhi and Sneha Vasvani.

Jupiter Hospital got the licence for the pancreas-kidney combined transplant two years ago. “This is the first combined transplant at the Pune branch of the Jupiter Hospital. Currently, we have four more patients enrolled for similar transplant,” hospital’s medical superintendent Vikas Patil said.

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