Pune Budget Discussion 2020 - Healthcare flares up with many concerns

THEY ARE talking of Ayushman Bharat.Honestly, it is best rolled out in tier-II and III cities and rural parts. I come from a private hospital. As a charity hospital a good portion of our top line income is reserved for taking care of economically weaker sections. It is not possible to shoulder the additional burden of Ayushman Bharat. Whereas in tier-II and III cities and at the district level, this can help offer proper healthcare to the otherwise deprived lot. The generic medicines under proposed Jan Aushadhi scheme will offer cheaper options made by big companies.

District hospitals have been in a dismal shape and require government funding. A PPP model along with private entity for setting a medical college is a welcome move. This year the budget for healthcare was raised by 10 per cent but it is still barely one per cent of our GDP, as compared international average of 2.5 per cent. Today, in most major cities we are struggling to find doctors. The WHO  recommended doctor-population ratio is 1:1,000. India is at 1:1,500. While I will not scoff at chasing efficiency, I will say it is necessary to implement welfare with efficiency.