Multi-Organ Transplant: The Pioneering Centre Shares Their Formula for Success

Multi organ transplants require special consideration of donor and recipient selection followed by critical evaluation of the donor. As the region's pioneers in multi-visceral transplants, Jupiter Hospital is home to a comprehensive organ transplant program capable of performing multi-organ transplantation, a complex procedure that requires sophisticated technology and advanced surgical and medical expertise.

The Centre for Organ Transplant in Jupiter Hospital is one of the few transplant centers in the country that perform intestinal and multivisceral transplants on both children and adults. Having performed nearly 500 procedures – including kidney, pancreas, liver and small bowel – the outcomes have been well above national averages, and the team has been successful in significantly improving patients’ quality of life.

The team in Jupiter performed the first kidney- pancreas transplant in Mumbai. The integrated teams of specialists bring fresh, innovative approaches, offering patients answers to complicated medical needs. Distinguished milestones of the transplant team include paediatric liver transplant for a child weighing only 5.7kgs to using a liver from a cadaveric donor aged 82.

The first adult dual lobe liver transplant in Western Maharashtra and the first adult small intestinal transplant in Western India was successfully undertaken by the team. Recently the country’s first paediatric living donor small bowel transplant was conducted at Jupiter Hospital in Pune.

At Jupiter, a team of surgeons, physician, transplant nurses, intensivists, social workers and other health professionals take care of the patient and the donor before, during and after transplant. A dedicated and experienced transplant coordinator walks the entire journey with the family and provides support right from enquiry to discharge.

Transplants can be carried out only after an array of compatibility tests between the patient and the donor. The latest technology used for immunological tests for transplantation along with trained pathologists who provide support for the accurate diagnosis of rejection, are must-haves for any centre who does multi organ transplants.

Having all of these subspecialized expertise and the infrastructure and technology in a single place, focused on the patient, means that they don’t just get one opinion — patient and donor’s care is discussed among the team, test results are available quickly, appointments are scheduled in coordination, and the transplant care team works together to determine what’s best for the recipient and donor.  

Jupiter Hospital is a multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital that lays its foundation on a ‘Patient first’ ideology. The hospital, which is now present in Mumbai, Pune and Indore, caters to all branches of medicine right from birthing and new born care up to cancer and multi-organ transplants.