Dr. Eshwaramani Krishnan

Dr. Eshwaramani Krishnan

ENT Surgeon


Dr. Eshwaramani Krishnan +91 22 2172 5555

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About Doctor

Dr. Eshwaramani Krishnan practices as a ENT Surgeon in Jupiter Hospital, Thane. Visiting ENT Consultant at the Hira Mongi Navneet Hospitals, Mulund west. Besides performing routine ENT surgeries, specially trained to do Head and Neck surgeries including Salivary gland and Thyroid gland surgeries


  • MBBS
  • DORL
  • MS (ENT) from Bombay


  • Total 43 years of ENT Consultant
  • 38 years in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • 5 years as an Assist.Hon.Surgeon at the BYL Nair Hospital, Bombay






  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate from the Grant Medical College and J.J Group of Hospitals, Bombay. 


  • Gold Medal for standing 1st in both DORL and MS(ENT) Exam.
  • Presented Scientific papers at the Indian and Middle East ENT Conference Published articles in the Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and The journal of Bahrain Medical Society.

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OPD Time

Day : Tuesday & Thursday
Timing : 09:00 am to 10:00 am