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Improved Mobility and Independence : Expert Care for Functional Limitations

Discover the epitome of care and rehabilitation at Jupiter Hospital. Our Neurological Rehabilitation treatment in Thane encompasses a range of interventions—physical, mental, emotional, and social—designed to seamlessly reintegrate individuals with impairments or disabilities into society. As a comprehensive rehabilitation destination, Jupiter Hospital stands out as the first of its kind in the country.

Expertise and Facilities at Jupiter Hospital

We provide an extensive array of facilities supported by a team of proficient doctors. Our Rehabilitation Centre boasts a spacious rehab lab spanning 2000 sq ft, equipped with technologies and treatment modalities for rehabilitation. Our commitment to providing holistic care is evident in the inclusion of robotic rehabilitation and an array of advanced rehab technology

Specialised Teams

Jupiter Hospital houses dedicated rehabilitation teams for

  • Neurological Rehab
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehab
  • Paediatric Rehab
  • Spine Rehab
  • Musculoskeletal Rehab
  • Sports Rehab
  • Geriatric Rehab
  • Amputee Rehab
  • Cognitive Rehab

Our multidisciplinary approach involves collaboration between Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Behavioral Therapists, and (Aqua Therapists) to confirm. Orthotist, prosthetist lead by consultant physical medicine and rehabilitation physician.

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Dr. Amit Ramesh Dhumale

Speciality: Neuro Rehabilitation

Designation: Director- Rehabilitation

  • Thane

Dr. Ankita Asher

Speciality: Physiotherapy

Designation: Consultant Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Thane

Dr. Mathew Mitty

Speciality: Physiotherapy

Designation: Musculoskeleton and Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

  • Thane

Dr. Priya N.Tawde

Speciality: Rehabilitation

Designation: Rehab Coordinator and Occupational Therapist

  • Thane

Dr. Thamarai Konar

Speciality: Rehabilitation

Designation: Speech and Swallowing Therapist

  • Thane

Explore Rehabilitation at Our Facility

Discover various rehabilitation solutions, such as:

  • Robotic rehabilitation
  • Computer-assisted rehabilitation
  • Sensor-based rehab
  • Virtual reality

Additionally, you can avail further care with our:

  • Expert Multidisciplinary Rehab Team
  • Streamlined Inpatient Program with Direct Access to the Rehab Lab

Looking for the Rehabilitation in Thane

Comprehensive Care Overview

Within the purview of quick recovery from paralysis and severe forms of disability and impairment. Neuro rehab, specialised care is delivered to individuals experiencing physical and/or cognitive impairments stemming from conditions such as brain or spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other progressive or non-progressive neurological disorders. Rehabilitation care also extends to musculoskeletal conditions.

Stroke Rehabilitation Service

Our stroke rehabilitation service caters to individuals affected by ischemic or haemorrhagic strokes, presenting multiple challenges in mobility, self-care and activity of daily living (ADL), balance, coordination, speech and language, swallowing, cognitive functions, sensory/perceptual skills, and neurogenic bowel and bladder issues.

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Service

Tailored for traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries, spinal tumours, transverse myelitis, and related conditions resulting in paralysis, bladder/bowel dysfunction, and sexual disability.

Traumatic Brain injury rehabilitation services:

Our TBI rehab services caters to individuals affected by severe trauma to the brain, presenting multiple challenges in cognition

Neuro-Cognitive Service

Addressing acquired brain injuries, tumours, aneurysms, and anoxic brain damage, our neuro-cognitive service focuses on primary issues related to cognition, behaviour, speech, and swallowing.

Neurophysical Service

Catering to conditions like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, acquired and anoxic brain injuries, motor neuron disease, spino cerebellar ataxia, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and stroke, our neurophysical service emphasises rehabilitation for diverse neurological issues.

Pediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation Services

Dedicated to limiting the physiological and psychological effects of conditions such as cerebral palsy, developmental and learning disabilities, hypoxic encephalopathy, autism, primary muscle diseases, genetic disorders, and spina bifida in children. Our goal is to enhance our patients’ overall mobility and their ability to perform daily activities.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Our musculoskeletal rehabilitation service focuses on post-joint replacement recovery, post-complex trauma recovery, lower back pain, post-spine surgery recovery, and chronic pain syndromes.

Advanced Interventions Offered at Jupiter Hospital

Various technological interventions are available to enhance rehabilitation:


This robotic computer-assisted rehabilitation device focuses on the hand, improving voluntary control, strength, and reducing spasticity. Patients engage in task-specific training by playing therapeutic games attached to the machine.


A sensor-based computer-assisted rehabilitation device that targets the wrist, elbow, and hand. Motion sensors enhance upper limb movement for daily activities. The device, incorporated into sports rehabilitation, refines actions such as bowling in cricket players using hand sensors and motion sensors


A computer-assisted robotic rehabilitation device specialising in shoulder and arm rehabilitation. Employing intelligent gravity compensation and virtual reality, it provides graded and controlled weight relief to enhance voluntary control.


This body weight-supported, lower limb, robotic gait trainer suspends patients with a vest and fits legs into an orthoticsis device. Passively stimulatesing walking actions and aids patients with lower limb paralysis for faster recovery.


A sensor-based computer-assisted device improves cognitive function and hand-eye coordination. It targets cognitive aspects like attention, memory, orientation, abstract thinking, judgement, calculations, and sense of direction.


A sensor-based computer-assisted device with highly sensitive force plate, connected to the system via wireless Bluetooth improves dynamic balance while sitting, standing, and transitioning between the two. Task specific training through gamification.

Anti-gravity treadmill:

Beneficial for neurological, muscular, skeletal, and orthopaedic rehabilitation, this technology allows us to reduce the patients weight by 20 to 80 percent accurately. Special garments encase the patient, allowing controlled treadmill use at different speeds and inclinations.

HP Cosmos:

An advanced treadmill with sensor-based technology and pneumatic suspension records foot pressure. The virtual-reality mode displays the patient walking on a road or track on an LED screen. Bodyweight support and a Robo walk mode ensure safe and effective gait conversion during rehabilitation. Rehabilitation, a pivotal aspect, aids patients in overcoming challenges and regaining independence.

Health Conditions We Help Rehabilitate

Our neuro rehab services specialise in addressing the diverse needs of individuals with physical and/or cognitive impairments resulting from brain or spinal cord injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological conditions. This broad approach also extends to musculoskeletal conditions.


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