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Dr. Mathew Mitty




Musculoskeleton and Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

Jupiter Hospital, Thane

About Doctor

Dr. Mathew is heading the Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy unit in the Rehab Department at Jupiter Hospital. Accelerated Rehab Programs are the norm in the Physiotherapy dept. without over reliance on too much technology. Simplistic solutions which can be reproduced in the home environment is one of the key requirements in today’s fast paced world, where clients are looking to get max gains with minimum effort and as soon as possible. For example a Shoulder Rehabilitation program that takes about 8 days with only the use of therabands. No fancy equipments required. Easily reproducible at home. With a multidisciplinary approach towards complete rehabilitation of an individual being the goal Dr Mathew has come up with some innovative exercises and path breaking ideas on how to solve complex problems faced by the patient/client


Bachelor in Physiotherapy, DN-P


Dr. Mathew Mitty has over 22 yrs of experience in the various fields of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Special Interest

With a Special Interest in the Shoulder, Dr. Mathew has helped numerous individuals recover from shoulder pain because of impingement, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder.


Fascial Manipulation, Dry Needling, Kinetic Control- Concepts to Masters, Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment – A to D, Vestibular Rehab, Pune Shoulder Rehab Program, Spine Rehab with David Back Care, Kinesio-Taping and Sports Taping for Performance, Neurodynamics, Translating Motor Control Theories in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Elbow and Shoulder Rehabilitation.


Day: Monday to Saturday
Timing: Full Timer

* Timings are subjected to change in case of emergency & unforeseen situations.