Dr. Nitin Patankar

Speciality: Diabetes and Obesity

Designation: Consultant - Diabetes and Obesity

  • Thane


Dr. Nitin Patankar practices as Consultant, Diabetes Management with Diabetes Reversal, Obesity Management, Metabolic Disease Reversal, at Jupiter Hospital Thane 


Practice Experience of 30 years
Training Post graduation from Bombay University Experience for Lifestyle Disease Management From Johns Hopkins University Baltimore USA and Dukes University, Durham, North Carolina USA
Research & Publications
  • Author of Textbook of Endocrinology for Medical Student
  • Authored Chapters in API Textbook and RSSDI Textbook
  • Papers on Calorie restriction and metabolic profile in international journals
  • Numerous publications in Marathi
  • A book on Obesity management and Toolkit on Obesity
Day: Monday to Friday
Timing: 10:00AM – 1:00PM
* Timings are subjected to change in case of emergency & unforeseen situations.

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