Management of Pancreaticobiliary Disorders and Cancers

Treatment of pancreatic ailments and cancers requires a very high degree of specialization and our team has been very successful with the same. We offer all kinds of treatment and health-care assistance for patients suffering from chronic Pancreaticobiliary disorders and cancers. 

Our Doctors

Jupiter Hospital, Pune      Jupiter Hospital, Thane     

Dr. Apurva Deshpande

Consultant- Surgical Gastroenterology

Dr. Pavan Hanchanale

Senior Consultant - Hepatology & Gastroenterology

Dr. Parijat Gupte

Consultant - Gastroenterologist

Dr. Nitin M Narawane

Consultant - Gastroenterologist

Dr. Mukta Bapat

Consultant - Gastroenterologist

Dr. Dimple Jain

Consultant - Peadiatric Gastroenterologist

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