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Bone-related issues are generally attributed to degenerative diseases or injuries. However, it is vital to recognize the intricate relationship between bone metabolism and various hormones, including parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, estrogen, and testosterone. Anomalies in bone metabolism can disrupt the mineral equilibrium within bones, potentially leading to the development of serious bone disorders. Some of these conditions encompass:

  • Osteoporosis - A condition characterized by weakened bones, increasing the risk of fractures and bone-density loss.
  • Hyperparathyroidism - An overactive parathyroid gland may cause calcium imbalances, impacting bone health.
  • Paget's Disease of the Bone - A rare disorder involving abnormal bone remodeling, potentially leading to deformities and fractures.
  • Genetic Disorders such as XLH and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) - Inherited conditions that affect bone development and strength, requiring specialized care and management.

Are you searching for solutions to address Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolism treatments in Indore? Look no further. We have the expertise and resources to support you on your journey to better bone health. Our team of specialists is committed to helping you attain strong and healthy bones, ultimately improving your quality of life. Don't allow bone-related concerns to hinder you—begin your path to improved bone health today.

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Dr. Darshana Thakur

Speciality: Diabetology and Endocrinology

Designation: Consultant Diabetologist & Endocrinologist

  • Thane

Dr. Rachna Keshwani

Speciality: Pediatrics & Endocrinology

Designation: Consultant Pediatric Endocrinology

  • Thane

Dr. Snehal Tanna

Speciality: Diabeteology

Designation: Consultant - Diabetologist

  • Thane

Dr. Kanchan Kewalramani

Speciality: Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinic

Designation: Consultant - Endocrinologist

  • Thane

Dr. Padma Menon

Speciality: Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinic

Designation: Consultant - Endocrinologist

  • Thane

Dr. Parina Bajaj

Speciality: Endocrinology & Diabetes

Designation: Consultant General Surgeon Diabetic Foot & Varicose Veins

  • Thane

Dr. Sudha Rao

Speciality: Paediatrics & Endocrinology and Diabetes

Designation: Consultant - Paediatric Endocrinologist

  • Thane

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