Attelica Lab

As per Siemens’s  confirmation Jupiter Hospital is the 1st Site in Western India Including Maharashtra, Goa, gujrat                                                                                                                                                                          
Automated Calibration and QC

  1. The Atellica Solution allows for automated scheduling and delivery of controls and calibrators to all connected analyzers.
  2. QC’s and calibrators are stored in an onboard refrigerated compartment maintained at 2-8°C.

This feature allows for predictable and proactive with QC runs. It also saves a sizable material cost & man hours other
Atellica Magline® transport

  1. Patented, rapid, bidirectional, variable-speed sample transport system that delivers samples to and from analyzers.

This gives independent control over every sample, making routine & STAT sample processing more predictable and faster.
Multi-camera Vision System

  1. Camera systems with 360° view that characterize and identify specimen tubes automatically
  2. >30 different tube types can be directly handled by Atellica Sample Handler

There by saving time, effort and cost spent in tube identification, sorting, racking & aliquoting samples. There is also reduce bar-code reading errors.
Automated maintenance

  1. Automatic maintenance can be scheduled during lean time of the day with minimal human intervention

 Technical staff can spend maximum time processing specimens. This results in better worktime utilization
Highest productivity per square meter

  1. Immunoassays Analyzer component that can is field upgradable from 220 tests / hour to 440 Test / hour [double the throughput] in same footprint. This eliminating need to add additional analyzers.

No time and money spent on additional equipment and it saves precious laboratory space.

Atellica Solution Remote Connectivity

  1. Capabilities to remote control Atellica Solution via Operator Tab or mobile device to better monitor systems.

Frontline flexibility, operation transparency and enhanced decision making.

All-inclusive care