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Centre of Organ Transplant

The Centre for Transplantation at Jupiter comprises of a team of highly ranked surgeons and specialists who provide care for people who need transplants of the liver, kidney, pancreas, bone marrow and corneas as treatment for complex or rare end-stage disorders. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of hepatologists, nephrologists, transplant surgeons, intensivists, anesthesiologists, gastroenterologists and dedicated nursing staff. 

Jupiter Hospital has prominent adult and pediatric transplant programs in the city, having performed more than 500 transplants till date. The integrated teams of specialists bring fresh, innovative approaches, offering patients answers to complicated medical needs.


Liver transplant: Liver transplant, also known as hepatic transplant, is a surgical procedure that aims at replacing the damaged or diseased liver of a person or a portion of it and replacing the same with a healthy lobe taken from a suitable donor. Liver transplant is usually the last resort of treatment when other options fail to give the desired results.


Kidney transplant: Kidney transplant is also referred to as renal transplant. The procedure involves the surgical replacement of the diseased or non-functional kidneys of a patient with a healthy one taken from a suitable donor. Kidney transplant is usually recommended when the patient does not show considerable improvement with medication and dialysis.


Pancreas transplant: Pancreas transplant is a surgical procedure in which the diseased pancreas of a person is replaced with healthy ones taken from a deceased donor. The procedure is usually performed to treat Type 1 diabetes. The procedure may also be performed along with a kidney transplant to alleviate serious complications triggered by diabetes.


Small intestine transplant: Small intestine transplant or small bowel transplant is an invasive procedure which involves the replacement of the diseased or non-functional portion of the small intestine with a healthy portion taken from a suitable donor. The procedure is usually performed to save the life of patients suffering from irreversible intestinal failure.


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