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Dr. Shivaji Mane


Pediatric Surgery


Consultant - Pediatric Surgery

Jupiter Hospital, Thane

About Doctor

Dr. Shivaji Mane is practicing as 

  • Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
  • Paediatric Urologist
  • Hypospadiologist and special interest in  DSD ( Disorder of sex differentiation)



  • M.S. (GEN.SURGERY) - BOMBAY  1984
  • M.Ch.(PAED. SURGERY)  -BOMBAY 1986


  • Hon. PED. Surgeon: Nanavati Hospital, 1994 - 2001 ,Singhania Hospital, 1994- 2001
  • Asso Professor- Ped. Surgery- J.J.Hospital - 1 Yr.
  • Lecturer - Ped. Surgery- J.J.Hospital - 6 Yrs.
  • Registrar – Ped. Surgery - K.Em Hospital-2yrs.
  • Experience  With   Hypospadias   and  Genital  Reconstruction Surgery
  • Attended  Workshops  On  Hypospadias  Surgery
  • Philip  Ransley -J.J. Hospital  Mumbai -      1992
  • John  Duckett  - Ltmg, Hospital Mumbai -  1994
  • Prof.Asopa & Snodgrass  -   Aiims , Dehli-2001  
  • Philip  Ransley - J. J. Hospital  Mumbai - 2001
  • Duffy  &  Prof.  Asopa - Aiims  Delhi - 2002
  • Petercakow - Bombay  Hospital  Mumbai-  2002
  • Duffey- Amruta Hospital, Cochi  - 2006

Conducted  Workshop  On  Hypospadias  Surgery

  • LTMG  Hospital, Sion,   Mumbai-  Organised  By  Prof.Bharati  Kulkarni  -   -     2005      
  • Madurai  Medical  College,-  Organised   By Tamilnadu  Association  Of  Pediatric  Surgeons –2005
  • Hubli Medical  College,  Hubali,  Karnataka,-  Organised  By  Dr.  Anil  Helgeri     2005
  • LTMG  Hospital , Sion  Mumbai – Organised  by Prof.  Bharati  Kulkarni   --  2007.   Co-faculty – Dr.Havard Snyder and Dr John Park
  • N R S Medical College  Kolkatta – organized by Dr. Mukhopadhay  (  President  of Indian  Association of Paediatric  Surgeon ) 2007
  • S D M Medical College, Dharvad- Hubali -  Organized  by  Dr.Anil Halgeri (President of  Karnataka  Chapter of Paediatric Surgeon)  June  2oo8
  • K L E Medical  College, Belgaum, Karnataka,  organized by  Prof. Nerli -  April  2008
  • M G M Hospital New Bombay, organized by Dr. Arbinder Singh (Paediatric Surgeon) Feb--  2008.  Co-faculty  Dr. Jayanthi  and            Dr. Aseem Shukla
  • Workshop  on  Anorectal  Malformation,  Organised by  Dr. Ajay  Naik  at  Kashibai Nawale Hospital Pune. – Feb  2009
  • Faculty  for operative  workshop  at Coimbtore , Organised by  Tamilnadu  Chapter  of  paediatric  surgery -  2009
  • Hypospadias  workshop  at  Indira Gandhi  Institute of child health,  Banglure,   Organized  by  Dr. S. Ramesh, 14-15  Aug 2009
  • Hypospadias  workshop  at  Agra,  organized  by Dr.  Kishore  Panjawani,  CO –Faculty -  Dr.  Asopa,  Dr.  Snodgrass, Dr.  Bracka and  Dr.  Pipi  Salle ,  3-4 Oct.2009
  • Faculty, Hypospadias and  DSD workshop at Delhi, organized by Dr D.K.Gupta,  Third World congress  of pediatric  surgery conference  Nov 2010
  • Faculty  operative  demonstration at PG CME held at Jeribai Wadia children hospital  30 Jan 2011, organized by  Dr  Pragnya Bendre and Dr Sandesh Parelkar 
  • Faculty pediatric urology Conference and Workshop held at Jabalpur 0n  4,5,6. Feb 2011
  • Faculty . operative demonstration of hypospadias for Urology chapter of Andhra pradesh, at  Karim nagar, on 11 Nov.2011
  • Faculty for operative demonstration in pediatric urology workshop at  K E M Hospital , Co faculty Dr Ranjiv Mathew, organized by  Dr. Sandesh Parelkar
  • Faculty for operative demonstration of  G I workshop at Jeribai Wadia children hospital , parel , Mumbai  -  organized by Dr. Pragnya Bendre and Dr  Sandesh Parelkar – on 26 Jan 2012
  • Faculty for Paediatric Urology workshop at K L E  Hospital Belgaum, Karnataka, co faculty-  Dr. Richard Graddy, and Dr Aseem Shukla- organized by Dr R.B. Nerli  on 6,7 Feb 2012
  • Faculty for Urethral reconstruction surgery at  Thanjavur , Tamilnadu. For Uroloical chapter of Tamilnadu, on 17- 18 June 2012, organized by Dr. Rajesh Rajendran, co faculty Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni, Dr. Ganesh Gopalan, Dr. Shripathi
  • Faculty for operative workshop  at Bhopal, organized by Dr.Keshav Budhawani , 2012
  • Faculty for operative workshop  during Asian association of  paediatric urology at Dehli ,   organized by Dr Minu Bajpai


  • Minimising Complications Of Hypospadias Surgery - Maharashtra State Chapter Conference Of Paediatric Surgeons, -2004
  • Management Of Complications In Hypospadias Surgery - Maharashtra State Chapter Conference Of Paediatric Surgeons, - 2005
  • Minimising Complications Of Hypospadias Surgery - Annual Conference Of Indian Association Of Paeditric Surgeons, Banglore 2005
  • Coplications in hypospadias  surgery :   hypospadias  workshop at  Indira Gandhi Institute of child health,  Benglurue  Aug -2009
  • Complications in hypospadias  surgery :  hypospadias  workshops at  Agra  oct-2009
  • Complications in  hypospadias  surgery: CME  lecture at Luknow ,  Annual  conference of  paediatric surgeons of India nov-  2009
  • Current  trend in  management of  hypospadias  :  organized by  Kolhapur society of surgeons , April  2010
  • Ureteric  substitutes :  CME lecture at Lilavati .Pediatric urology update  on incontinence, organized by  Dr. Santosh  Karmarkar,  Feb-2010 
  • Common  cloaca , my approach :  3 PediatricUrology chapter of IAPS ,  held at  Jabalpur 4 Feb 2011
  •  “ DSD” Surgeon`s perspective ,  at pediatric urology workshop   at K E M Hospital , organized by dept. of ped. surgery and urology , Nov 2011
  • Complications in  Hypospadias  surgery, strategy in management of complications in hypospadias surgery , CME lecture for Karnataka chapter of IAPS Jan 2012
  • Female genital reconstructions, CME lecture for  Karnataka  chapter of IAPS  Maysore,6,7 8 Jan2012
  • Female Genital Reconstruction ,  CME  Lecture at Maharashtra Chapter of IAPS , Nagpure 20, 21 22 Jan 2012 
  • DSD  Surgeon`s perspective at Paediatric Urology workshop at K L E Belgaum Feb 2012
  • Complications in hypospadias surgery , at Paediatric Urology workshop at K L E Hospital, Belgaum Karnataka , 2012
  • Urethral duplication ,  CME lecture at Annual conference of  Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons at Bhopal , November 2012
  • Surgical intervention in DSD, CME lecture at Karjat ,Annual conference of  Maharashtra chapter of IAPS , Jan 2013
  • Management of  proximal hypospadias  , CME Lecture at  Ascian association of paediatric urology conference at Dehli,  October 2013 , organized by Dr. Minu Bajpai
  • Modified Snodgrass urethroplasty with  prepucitioplasty, CME  Lecture  at 5 th World  Congress on Hypospadias and DSD , held at Lucknow  , November 2013


  • University   Teacher:  Ped.  Surgery  -  1992
  • President  Of Indian Association  Of  Paediatric  Urology - 2009
  • Member Of  World Congress Of  Hypospadias And Dsd
  • Recipient Of  M.S. Ramakrishnan Oration At Bubneshwer, At  Iaps  Conference 2013

Research & Publications

  • Bombay  Hospital  Journal, Vol.50.No. 1  2008 : Anorectal  malformation  with  Mayer- Rokitansky Syndrome – A  rare  Association  :  Shalika Jaiswal,  S. B. Mane
  • Dr. Abu  Obaidah, S.B. Mane :  Biliary  atresia  associated  with  choledochal  cyst  : African  Jornal  of  Paediatric  Surgery, Vol  6/issue 1 / 61/  Jan- June 2009
  • Dr. S.B. Mane, Himanshu  Acharya :Use of  Process  vaginalis: A new technique for reinforcing the neourethra in hypospadias associated with undescended  testis.    :  Indian  Journal of  Urology  April- June  2009
  • Dr. S. B.  Mane,  Abu  Obaidah  :  Urethral duplication in children: Our  experince of  8 cases  :   Journal  of  Paediatric  Urology [ 2009] 5, 363- 367
  • Dr.Shivaji B. Mane. Dr. Pankaj  Shastri : Our 10 year expeience of variable Mullerian anomalies and its management: Pediatric Surg Int. Published online:  30 June 2010
  • Fetus in fetu: two cse reports and review of literature:  Jamir Arlikar,  Shivaji B. Mane  :  Pediatric  Surg Int[ 2009]25:289-292
  • Ureteric substitute, with appendix, Journal of Urology 2009
  • Correction of dorsal chordee with hypospadias , a case report-  Indian journal of pediatric surgery Nov .2011: Dr S.B.Mane and Dr. Jamir Arlikar
  • Choledochocele case report in Indian Journal of Pediatric Surgery Dec 2011,  Dr. S.B. Mane, Dr.Jamir Arlikar
  • Modified Snodgrass urethroplasty  with preputioplasty , in Indian Journal of paediatric surgery ,  April 2013


Day: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

Timing: 4pm to 6 pm

* Timings are subjected to change in case of emergency & unforeseen situations.