Dr. Manish Siddha

Speciality: Radiology

Designation: Director- Radiation Oncology

  • Indore


Dr. Manish Siddha Is Director and Senior Consultant in Department of Radiation Oncology. He has 20 years of experience in Evidence Based Comprehensive Cancer Care with background of aca- demic excellence. His dynamic and mul- titalented personality has brought lot of laurels and accolades. He has helped to transform and improve many patients' lives with compassionate, ethical and scientific practice.


  • 20 years of experience in the field of radiation oncology
  • Expertise in Organ Prevention approach.
  • Worked at TMH for 4 years
  • Vice President AROI – MP CG chapter
  • Received Fellowship and awards in various State and National Conferences
  • Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
Professional Highlights

High Precision Radiotherapy like SRS, SRT, IMRT, IGRT, IG-IMRT

Day: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
Timing: 10:00 am to 16:00 pm
* Timings are subjected to change in case of emergency & unforeseen situations.

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