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At Jupiter Hospital, we have an all-women's team of dedicated experts who are specially trained to handle breast-related complaints. Our team is committed to providing the best care possible in breast cancer care, treatment of benign breast problems, cosmetic breast procedures, and preventive breast care. We understand the unique needs and concerns of our patients and strive to deliver exceptional care in a comfortable and supportive environment.

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Preventive Breast Health

1.1 Why Healthy Women Need Preventive Care 
Breast cancer is a significant concern for women in India, with estimates showing that 1 in 25 Indian women may develop breast cancer. It's important to note that breast cancer can affect healthy women without a family history, and early stages may not show symptoms. However, early detection is crucial as breast cancer is treatable with contemporary oncological therapies. Early diagnosis allows for prompt and effective management, potentially saving lives and making treatments more minimally invasive.

1.2 Regular Breast Exams all women should undergo

Annual Clinical exam:Regular clinical breast exams are recommended for women over 30 at Jupiter Hospital. Our experienced breast surgeons conduct thorough evaluations and provide appropriate follow-up tests if any abnormalities are detected. Early detection is key to effective breast cancer management, and we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care to safeguard your breast health.

Annual Mammography:At Jupiter Hospital, we recommend annual "Screening Mammography" for all women aged 40 and above. Our state-of-the-art mammography center offers advanced breast imaging using digital mammography with tomosynthesis. This cutting-edge technology allows for early detection of even the smallest cancers and helps reduce false positives, minimizing the need for mastectomy.

Monthly Breast Self-Exams:We emphasize the importance of monthly self-examinations of breasts for all women over the age of 20. Our experts can provide you with the proper technique for breast self-examination. If you discover a lump or other abnormality, there's no need to panic as most breast lumps are not cancerous. However, it's crucial to consult a specialist as symptoms of benign breast conditions can overlap with those of breast cancer. Our experienced specialists can guide you through the appropriate diagnostic procedures and provide expert care. Schedule a breast examination with us to ensure your breast health is well taken care of.

1.3 Genetic Testing for Familial risk
At Jupiter Hospital, we offer genetic counselling for breast cancer risk assessment. With 5-10% of breast cancers being hereditary, caused by genetic mutations in genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, it's important to consider your family history. If you have close blood relatives with a history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, or other cancers, schedule a visit for genetic counselling. Our specialists will review your family history, evaluate the need for genetic testing, and explain the testing process in detail. Early identification of genetic mutations can help personalize strategies for breast cancer prevention and management.

Comprehensive Diagnostics for Breast Complaints

At the Breast Care Centre of Jupiter Hospital, our team of qualified and experienced breast health specialists utilize cutting-edge diagnostic technology, including digital mammography with tomosynthesis (3-D mammography), breast ultrasound with elastography, and image-guided needle biopsy, to provide a complete and accurate diagnosis for breast complaints such as

  • Breast pain:
  • Breast lumps:
  • Nipple discharge
  • Breast infections
  • Breast size concerns
  • Male Breast problems
  • Lactational Breast Problems
  • Other undiagnosed breast problems
Treatment of Benign (non-cancerous) Breast Problems

3.1 Breast Cysts:
We understand that breast cysts are a common issue, and our experts are skilled in evaluating and managing them. Simple cysts often do not require treatment, while complicated or complex cysts may require ultrasound-guided aspiration, which is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Our goal is to provide effective management without the need for surgery whenever possible.

3.2 Breast Fibroadenomas:
Fibroadenomas are benign breast lumps that can cause pain, discomfort, or rapid growth. Our experienced team utilizes minimally invasive and scar-less techniques to remove small fibroadenomas that require treatment. However, we also carefully monitor and observe fibroadenomas that do not require immediate intervention.

3.3Granulomatous Mastitis:
Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis (IGM) is a common cause of recurrent breast abscesses and inflammation. Our specialists are skilled in medical treatments for IGM that utilize minimally invasive approaches, avoiding unnecessary surgeries and scarring associated with this condition.

3.4 Breast Papilloma:
Intraductal Papilloma is a growth in the milk ducts that can cause abnormal nipple discharge. These growths may not be visible on mammography or ultrasound. We offer minimally invasive microdochectomy, a selective removal of the involved duct, while preserving normal ducts, for the treatment of this condition.

3.5 Lactational Breast Problems:
We understand the unique challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers, and we provide prompt and effective treatment for common problems such as cracked nipples, galactoceles, lactational mastitis, and breast abscesses. It is important to accurately diagnose and treat these conditions promptly to ensure the health of both the mother and baby, and to differentiate them from more serious conditions such as pregnancy-associated breast cancer.

Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Breast Problems

At a weekly breast-plastic surgery outpatient clinic, our breast surgeons and plastic surgeons offer combined consultations for breast size and shape issues. We are specialists in

  • Breast augmentation with breast implants to increase breast size
  • Fat grafting to increase breast size and correct deformities
  • Breast lift or mastopexy for sagging breasts
  • Breast reduction surgeries for large breast size causing back and neck pain
  • Correction of asymmetry in breast size and shape
  • Correction of inverted nipples
  • Removal of accessory breast tissue in armpit
  • Minimally invasive surgery for gynecomastia
  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy
Comprehensive Breast Cancer Treatment

At Jupiter Hospitals Cancer Institute, we offer comprehensive breast cancer treatment. Our state-of-the-art technology, competent oncology nursing care, and multidisciplinary approach ensure that patients receive the highest level of care. Our team of experienced specialists works together to provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique condition.

5.1 Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnostics:
At our breast imaging department, we use mammography and ultrasound to diagnose breast cancer. Core-needle biopsy is performed at our breast clinic for further confirmation. Our breast pathology experts conduct Immunohistochemistry (IHC) investigations to determine the subtype of cancer (ER/PR/HER2 status). In-house PET-CT procedures are available to accurately stage the cancer. We understand that each breast cancer is unique, and determining the subtype and stage is critical in developing an effective treatment plan for our patients.

5.2 Multidisciplinary Tumour Board:
Our multidisciplinary team of Breast Surgeons, Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Plastic Surgeons, Palliative Care Specialists, Radiologists, and Onco-Pathologists meet weekly in a tumor-board meeting to review breast cancer cases. Patient reports are studied in detail, and a personalized treatment plan is formulated based on the expertise of multiple specialists and their exchange of viewpoints. Treatment options may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, endocrine therapy, and immunotherapy, depending on the unique needs of each patient. Not every patient requires all of these treatments, and the treatment plan is customized to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual.

5.3 State-of the art Breast Cancer Surgery:
Our Breast Surgical Oncologists specialise in advanced breast surgical technique.
Breast Conservation surgery:
Breast cancer management typically does not always require removal of the breast. Advanced techniques such as intraoperative ultrasonography, specimen mammography, and intraoperative frozen section can greatly improve the accuracy of tumor removal during cancer surgery, reducing the need for re-operations.
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
Our team of breast surgeons and plastic surgeons specialize in oncoplastic methods during cancer surgery to preserve the breast's aesthetic appearance.
This approach allows for the removal of breast cancer while minimizing deformity and scarring, and preserving the breast's shape and cosmetic appearance.
Mastectomy withBreast Reconstruction
For cases where full breast removal is required, we offer nipple and skin sparing mastectomy with rapid reconstruction, utilizing implants or tissue flaps to replace the breast tissue. Our breast surgeons and plastic surgeons work closely together to perform advanced reconstruction surgeries concurrently with the cancer surgery. We also provide delayed breast reconstruction for individuals who have previously undergone mastectomy without reconstruction.
Lymphedema Prevention
We understand the importance of lymphedema prevention in breast cancer surgery. We offer sentinel lymph node biopsy, a minimally invasive procedure that avoids unnecessary axillary lymph node dissection, reducing the risk of lymphedema. Additionally, we utilize techniques such as axillary reverse mapping and lympho-vascular anastomoses to further minimize the risk of lymphedema in lymph node surgery. Our goal is to provide comprehensive breast cancer treatment while minimizing the risk of complications, including lymphedema, for our patients.
Enhanced Recovery after Breast Surgery
We employ strategies to minimize post-surgical pain, nausea, and vomiting, and promote early mobilization, resulting in shorter hospital stays and fewer complications. In fact, the majority of our breast cancer patients are able to return home within 24 hours of their operation.
Treatment of Rare and Unusual Breast Cancers
In addition to common breast cancer cases, our breast cancer specialists are experienced in addressing rare and unusual cases, such as phyllodes tumors, breast lymphomas, occult breast carcinomas, male breast cancers, pregnancy-associated breast cancers, young breast cancer, elderly breast cancer, and breast cancer in BRCA gene mutation carriers. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized care for all types of breast cancer, ensuring that each patient's unique needs are addressed with expertise and compassion.

5.4 Breast Cancer Chemotherapy:
Avoiding Chemotherapy:
For breast cancer patients with small tumors that have not spread to lymph nodes and are hormone receptor positive (ER+/PR+) but HER2 negative, we offer genomic risk assessment of the tumor. This testing helps determine the risk of recurrence. If the tumor is assessed to be at low risk of recurrence, you may be prescribed endocrine therapy alone for 5-10 years, potentially avoiding the need for chemotherapy. Our personalized approach to breast cancer treatment ensures that you receive the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your individual condition, minimizing unnecessary interventions and optimizing outcomes.
Day-care Chemotherapy Administration:
When chemotherapy is necessary, it is administered in our Day-Care Chemo centre by oncology nursing specialists. With the convenience of our outpatient chemotherapy sessions, hospitalisations can be avoided.
Chemo-port placement
We offer chemo-port placement for patients who require chemotherapy to improve the convenience of chemotherapy administration and minimize the need for frequent IV sticks.
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy Program
Our neoadjuvant chemotherapy program involves a collaborative approach between our medical oncologists and breast surgeons, using chemotherapy before surgery to downstage advanced tumors, making surgery less invasive. In addition to chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy Support Services:Support services such as psychological counselling, family and care-giver support, hair-loss management, nutritional counselling, are also provided to our chemotherapy patients.
Fertility preservation in chemotherapy:
We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to fertility preservation, balancing safe oncological treatments with preserving fertility through collaboration between our fertility specialists, breast surgeons, and oncologists.

5.5 Breast Cancer Radiation:
We have implemented state-of-the-art radiation treatment protocols that have significantly reduced the duration of radiation treatments for breast cancer patients. With advanced techniques such as CT-guided planning, IMRT, respiratory gating, and other cutting-edge technologies, we are able to deliver radiation with greater precision to the tumor site while minimizing exposure to healthy surrounding tissues and vital organs. This not only shortens the overall treatment time, but also helps to minimize side effects and improve patient outcomes.


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