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Mental Health: Nurturing Your Mind and Well-being

The mental well-being of individuals is closely intertwined with their overall health, affecting their capacity to manage stress, navigate challenging situations, and impact their physical and social equilibrium. A myriad of factors, including hereditary traits, genetic irregularities, chronic illnesses, addiction, trauma, and substance abuse, can exert a significant influence on one's mental health. Symptoms such as anxiety, phobias, addictions, hallucinations, mood swings, depression, and difficulty concentrating can disrupt daily life, resulting in sleep disturbances.

At the Mental Health Hospital in Indore, we house a dedicated team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists. These accomplished medical professionals possess the expertise to differentiate between the physical and psychological roots of mental and physical distress. They specialize in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of mental health and emotional challenges. Furthermore, our psychiatrists within the realm of mental health treatment in Indore play an essential role in offering counseling and support to individuals grappling with issues like smoking, drug, or alcohol addiction, as well as those who have endured mental and physical trauma.

Emotional counseling stands as a fundamental pillar of the services provided at the well-being hospital in Indore. Patients and their families frequently encounter difficulties related to emotional, psychological, social, environmental, and practical matters arising from illnesses or sudden conflicts. Our psychiatrists in the domain of mental health treatment in Indore exhibit high proficiency in delivering guidance and support to patients dealing with drug abuse and internet addiction, ensuring comprehensive care for all your mental health needs.


Dr. Himanshu Mansharamani

Speciality: Neuro-Psychiatrist

Designation: Consultant -Neuro-Psychiatrist

  • Indore

Dr. Raman Sharma

Speciality: Psychiatry

Designation: Consultant -Psychiatry

  • Indore

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