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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Urology: Solutions for Urological Issues at Jupiter Hospital

Welcome to our comprehensive facility, a leading urology hospital in Indore, equipped with the latest technologies to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients. Our broad spectrum of advanced treatment modalities includes non-invasive and minimally invasive options, tailored to effectively address diseases of the urinary system.

Our distinguished team of highly experienced experts, includes urologists, andrologists, oncologists, nephrologists, and transplant surgeons. Committed to excellence, they adopt a multidisciplinary approach aligned with international standards, ensuring the delivery of top-tier services. Collaborating seamlessly with departments such as Anaesthesia, Pathology, Cardiology, Radiology, Immunology, and Interventional Radiology fosters excellent interdepartmental cooperation.

Whether in adult or paediatric urology, our facility offers round-the-clock inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical care. As a leading name in urology treatment in Indore we prioritise screening, staging, and the latest treatments for the effective management of urological conditions. Count on us for unparalleled services that prioritise your well-being, adhering to the highest standards of care.

Our specialised units of 'Urology Care' are intricately organised into various sub-disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient well-being. These include:

  • Urology Surgeries
  • Uro-Oncology
  • Endourology
  • Renal Transplant
  • Andrology
  • Reconstructive Urology

We are dedicated to providing unmatched care for those in search of advanced treatment, our commitment extends to prioritising the well-being of patients in an environment that values privacy and comfort. Your safety is our paramount concern, and we uphold this commitment through the following features:

  • Low infection rate & minimal heart complications
  • Good oncological outcomes
  • Comprehensive care available 24X7

At our place, we make sure to keep everything super clean to keep you safe. You can trust us for a comprehensive urology treatment in Indore. We're all about doing our best and making sure you're happy.

Our centre has a special unit for intensive care, high-tech operating rooms, and labs with fancy equipment. We use these tools to keep an eye on things like drug levels and other important stuff. We're proud to offer the latest and best ways to figure out and treat any issues you might have:

  • Ultrasound KUB: It is a test performed using high-frequency sound waves to provide information about the shape, size, and position of the ureter.
  • Uroflowmetry: It is a test performed to measure the volume of urine released from the body, the speed with which it gets released and duration it takes to come out of the body.
  • MRI-KUB: It is performed to assess the right size, shape, position, and function of the urinary and gastrointestinal system organs.
  • MR-Urography: It is a radiation-free examination that utilises magnetic waves to produce comprehensive images of kidneys, ureters, and bladder.
  • X-Ray: Provides information regarding any radio-opaque shadow within the KUB
  • MP-MRI Prostate: To study prostate anatomy in detail and rule out prostate cancer or for staging prostate cancer.
  • PSMA PET-CT: For prostate cancer staging and for early detection of metastasis in follow up.

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Dr. Abhishek Laddha

Speciality: Urology & Uro Oncology

Designation: Urology & Uro Oncology, Kidney Transplantation

  • Indore

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Thatte

Speciality: Urology

Designation: Consultant - Urology

  • Indore

Dr. Yusuf Saifee

Speciality: Urology & Kidney Transplantation

Designation: Consultant - Urology And Kidney Transplantation

  • Indore

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