Liver Transplant Unit in Indore

Liver Transplant Unit: Paving the Way for a Second Chance at Life

As part of our Liver Transplant treatment in Indore, we offer advanced procedures that prioritise precision and accuracy at Jupiter Hospital. We design personalised treatment plans following comprehensive evaluations in our modern laboratories. Patients receive dedicated medical care supported by essential technologies, covering all aspects from pre-surgical preparations to post-operative rehabilitation, all conveniently provided under one roof.

The Essentials of Liver Transplant Surgery

Liver transplant surgery entails the complete removal of the patient's liver, which is then replaced with a new liver from a donor. The donor liver may come from a deceased donor, with whole liver transplantation being the norm. Alternatively, it is more common for a family member to donate a portion of their liver.

Despite the human body having only one liver, it can be safely divided into two functional parts. This allows one part to be transplanted, while the remaining part of the liver is sufficient for the donor. Remarkably, both sections can regenerate rapidly, although their shape may alter. Liver transplant is typically considered for individuals whose liver disease has reached a critical stage, often after exhausting alternative treatments, or when liver cancer is present.

Understanding When You Need a Liver Transplant

Liver failure can manifest swiftly, as acute liver failure within weeks, or develop slowly over months and years, resulting in chronic liver failure. Various factors can trigger liver failure, including chronic viral infections such as:

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Liver tumours
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Bile duct issues like primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and biliary duct atresia

Hepatitis B and C infections are widespread, but there are effective vaccines and drug treatments available. In cases of primary liver cancer that arises in chronically diseased livers, early detection through screening can enable liver transplant as a curative option.

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Dr. Abhishek Yadav

Speciality: HPB & Surgical Gastroenterology and Organ Transplant

Designation: Consultant & Director - HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation

  • Thane, Pune, Indore

Dr. Sudesh Sharda

Speciality: HPB and surgical gastroenterology & Organ Transplant.

Designation: Consultant - HPB & Organ Transplant Surgeon

  • Indore

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