Post Transplant

After the surgery is completed, patients are taken to a recovery room for few hours, where they will be under observation. Once your doctor feels you are in stable condition, you will be shifted to the intensive care unit (ICU), where you will be observed closely, and your vitals will be monitored. The doctors will also check that other organs like the liver, lungs, and circulatory system are all working. Anti-rejection medicines will be administered and closely watched to ensure that the patients get the right dose and mix the right medication. When the doctor feels you are stable, you will be shifted to a normal ward. Gradually, the patient will be able to move and walk around for a long duration. The doctor will then teach you how to take care of yourself when you go home.

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Life after Pancreas Transplant

A Pancreas transplant can significantly improve the quality of life of the patients. However, there are certain practices and measures that you need to follow to live a normal life.

  • Regular follow-ups: You may have to have frequent follow up with your doctor for the initial few months after the transplant. They will keep a check on the body's response to transplant and any complications which may arise.
  • Immunosuppressants: As our body tends to reject the foreign body or object. You may have to take immunosuppressant medicines to avoid the possibility of rejection.
  • Hygiene and lifestyle: Practising good hygiene and staying active is an excellent contributory factor for recovery. Live a healthy lifestyle by engaging in any form of physical activity, eating a balanced diet, avoiding smoking, etc.

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