HPB Malignancies in Indore

HPB Malignancy Care: Comprehensive and Compassionate

HPB Malignancies, spanning liver, pancreas, and bile duct cancers, represent a diverse group of conditions.

Our specialised team at the HPB Malignancies hospital in Indore are well-versed in treating even the most intricate cases, supported by precise diagnostics and dedicated labs. We offer both surgical and therapeutic options, emphasising safety and quality in every procedure.

Deciphering HPB Malignancies:

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC): HCC, the most prevalent form of liver cancer, typically initiates within liver cells and often has associations with chronic liver conditions such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.
  • Biliary Tract Cancer: This cancer primarily targets the bile ducts, responsible for ferrying bile from the liver to the small intestine. It encompasses cancers within intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts, along with the gallbladder.
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreatic cancer takes its roots within the pancreas, an organ responsible for enzyme and hormone production. Early detection of this type of cancer can be challenging, and the cancer often extends to other body parts.
  • Gallbladder Cancer: Originating in the gallbladder, a small organ that stores liver-produced bile, gallbladder cancer, though relatively rare, can exhibit aggressive traits.
  • Ampullary Cancer: Ampullary cancer materialises at the ampulla of Vater, the juncture where the common bile duct and pancreatic duct unite before entering the small intestine. Although less common, it can disrupt digestion and bile flow.
  • NETs (Neuroendocrine Tumours): NETs are uncommon tumours that can affect the pancreas or other parts of the digestive system. They often exhibit slow growth and may remain asymptomatic for extended durations.

Dealing with such serious ailments can be challenging, but with the expert care of our team at the HPB Malignancies hospital in Indore, you can count on receiving the right diagnosis, all-round care and the essential treatment for your specific needs.

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Dr. Abhishek Yadav

Speciality: HPB & Surgical Gastroenterology and Organ Transplant

Designation: Consultant & Director - HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation

  • Thane, Pune, Indore

Dr. Guruprasad Shetty

Speciality: Liver Transplant

Designation: Chief Liver Transplant and HPB Surgeon

  • Thane, Indore

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