Liver Transplant in Indore

Harnessing the Power of Transplantation: A Second Chance at Life with a Healthy Liver

Liver transplantation stands as a crucial surgical procedure designed to replace a compromised liver with a healthy one. This intricate process involves the transfer of either a section or the entirety of the liver, originating from either a brain-dead organ donor or a living, healthy donor.

Liver Transplant Hospital in Indore

In search of a liver transplant hospital in Indore? Look no further. Our hospital specialises in providing precise and compassionate care for liver transplant treatments. Our experienced medical professionals excel in performing both living donor and deceased organ donation transplants, ensuring thorough and empathetic liver transplantation services.


Dr. Abhishek Yadav

Speciality: HPB & Surgical Gastroenterology and Organ Transplant

Designation: Consultant & Director - HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation

  • Thane, Pune, Indore

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Types of Liver Transplant

Living Donor Liver Transplant
In this approach, a segment of the liver is extracted from a living donor. Capitalising on the liver's innate regenerative ability, both the transplanted segment and the remaining portion of the donor's liver can naturally regenerate to their normal size within 2-4 weeks.

Deceased Organ Donation Transplant
This method encompasses the transplantation of a liver from a recently deceased individual. The donated liver may be utilised as a whole for a single recipient or split into two, catering to the needs of two recipients simultaneously.

Essentiality of Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantations play a pivotal role in addressing a spectrum of acute and chronic ailments that compromise liver function. Typically considered for those in the throes of end-stage liver disease unresponsive to other treatments, the following conditions underscore the need for liver transplants:

Acute Liver Failure
Swift onset of liver dysfunction, termed fulminant hepatic failure, is characteristic of acute liver failure. This condition commonly manifests in patients without pre-existing liver disease.

Viral Hepatitis
An infection leading to inflammation or damage of the liver.

Alcoholic Liver Disease
Stemming from excessive alcohol consumption, this condition induces liver damage, resulting in the fat accumulation, inflammation, and scarring, often with fatal consequences.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver
Marked by the buildup of fat in the liver, this condition may progress to inflammation and scarring over time. Possible causes of NAFLD are obesity, metabolic syndrome, or type 2 diabetes.

Primary Liver Cancer
The detection of cancerous growths in the liver signifies primary liver cancer. Treatment strategies may involve chemotherapy, radiation therapy, partial liver removal, or transplant.

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