Child and Adolescent Psychology in Indore

Supporting Youth Mental Health with Child and Adolescent Psychology

At Jupiter Hospital, we specialise in Child and Adolescent Psychology treatment in Indore, delivering comprehensive care for your child's psychological well-being. Our dedicated team employs innovative solutions and targeted treatments to address the root causes of these psychological concerns. We prioritise a friendly and supportive environment to foster better recovery outcomes, ensuring your child receives the highest quality care for their psychological needs.

Delving into Child and Adolescent Psychology

Discover our Child and Adolescent Psychology offerings, where we prioritise the emotional well-being of children and teenagers. Child and Adolescent Psychology is recommended for those facing challenges such as stress, behavioural issues, or difficulties in adapting to changes. Our approach emphasises creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for effective emotional care.

Guidance for Parents: When to Consider Child and Adolescent Psychology Support

Understanding when to seek the support of a child and adolescent psychologist is vital for parents. If you observe consistent changes in your child's behaviour, such as increased aggression, social withdrawal, or a decline in academic performance, it may be an opportune time to consult a psychologist. These signs could indicate emotional struggles that require professional attention.

Seeking Support and it’s Benefits

Furthermore, if your child is facing challenges in adapting to new environments, dealing with peer relationships, or expressing their emotions, a psychologist can provide valuable guidance. Seeking support early on can contribute to your child's emotional well-being and help them develop essential skills for a successful future. Engaging in our services can lead to benefits such as improved emotional resilience, enhanced communication skills, and the development of healthy coping mechanisms.

Enrolling young individuals for Child and Adolescent Psychology facilitates early intervention, which further helps in preventing potential long-term impacts on their mental health. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised support to help young individuals build a strong foundation for their emotional well-being.

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Dr. Anurag Mohta

Speciality: Paediatrics

Designation: Consultant - Pediatrics

  • Indore

Dr. Ashutosh Singh

Speciality: Pediatric Cardiac

Designation: Consultant - Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon

  • Thane, Indore

Dr. K. K. Arora

Speciality: Paediatrics

Designation: Consultant - Paediatrics

  • Indore

Dr. Ravi Ranjan Tripathi

Speciality: Pediatric Cardiology

Designation: Consultant - Paediatric Cardiologist

  • Indore

Dr. Sanjay Ahirkar

Speciality: Pediatrics

Designation: Consultant – Paediatrics

  • Indore

Dr. Sharad Thora

Speciality: Paediatrics

Designation: Consultant - Paediatrics

  • Indore

Dr. Shikhar Jain

Speciality: Pediatrics And Neonatology

Designation: Consultant - Pediatrics And Neonatology

  • Indore

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