Hand and Microvascular Surgery Unit in Indore

Expert Care for Complex Hand and Microvascular Issues: Functionality and Restoration at Jupiter Hospital

Specialising as a Hand and Microvascular Surgery hospital in Indore, Jupiter Hospital is committed to providing advanced surgical solutions for a broad spectrum of medical conditions affecting the hand, fingers, and related structures. Our dedicated team employs techniques to deliver effective Hand and Microvascular Surgery treatment in Indore, ensuring the highest standard of care for our patients.

Understanding the Hand and Microvascular Surgery Procedures

Specialising in Hand and Microvascular Surgery, our focus is on precise procedures designed to address various conditions impacting the hand, fingers, and microvascular structures. Our surgical interventions are dedicated to restoring optimal functionality and minimising discomfort in these vital areas.

Within the realm of Hand and Microvascular Surgery, a diverse range of procedures is employed to tackle soft tissue injuries, nerve-related issues, and meticulous repair of blood vessels. The use of precise microsurgical methods ensures the highest level of precision and success in our patients' outcomes.


Dr. Geetika Paliwal

Speciality: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Designation: Consultant - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

  • Indore

Dr. Sanjay Kucheria

Speciality: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Designation: Consultant - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

  • Indore

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Who Needs Hand and Microvascular Surgery?

Hand and Microvascular Surgery is ideal for individuals dealing with traumatic injuries, nerve compressions, vascular disorders, or congenital abnormalities in the hand. Our approach is highly personalised, with the goal of improving hand function and enhancing the overall quality of life for each candidate.

Knowing When You Need It and the Benefits

Our tailored Hand and Microvascular Surgery addresses conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren's contracture, hand fractures, vascular insufficiencies, and nerve damage. We prioritise the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a targeted response to their specific circumstances.

The significance of Hand and Microvascular Surgery lies in its ability to restore or enhance hand function, alleviate pain, and improve overall hand aesthetics. These procedures contribute to increased independence in daily activities, fostering an improved quality of life for those dealing with hand-related issues.

Recovery and Follow-up Process

Post-surgery, a personalised rehabilitation plan is crucial for regaining strength and function. Regular follow-up appointments are key to monitoring progress, addressing concerns, and facilitating a smooth transition towards restored hand health.

Hand and Microvascular Surgery stands as a crucial solution for a range of hand-related conditions, employing precise interventions to enhance functionality and reduce discomfort. Tailored to the individual needs of our patients, these procedures contribute to improved hand health and an enhanced quality of life.

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