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Advancements in Medicine and Liver Transplant Outcomes

Advancements in medical science have led to a notable increase in the life expectancy of individuals undergoing liver transplants. Comparative to the previous decade, patients now experience enhanced life expectancy.

Life Expectancy Statistics:
  • 1-year increased lifespan: 88-90%
  • 3-year increased lifespan: 78%

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Selecting the Optimal Liver Transplant Center

Choosing the right transplant centre is a critical decision. Consider the following factors before finalising your choice:

  • Consult Multiple Doctors: Seek opinions from more than one doctor and connect with patients who have undergone liver transplants in the hospital to understand their experiences.
  • Donor Expertise: Evaluate whether the hospital/centre specialises in living or deceased donor transplants.
  • Reputation and Mortality Rate: Assess the centre's reputation and its mortality rate for patients who underwent transplants.
  • Insurance Coverage: Confirm whether the hospital/centre is covered under your insurance policy.
  • Total Experience: Consider the overall experience of the hospital/centre in handling transplant cases.

Expenses of Liver Transplantation

Coping with a debilitating illness profoundly impacts both the patient and their family. Opting for a liver transplant can significantly enhance the patient's quality of life. The average cost of liver transplants in India is approximately 20 lakhs. It is crucial to verify with the insurance company whether the transplant cost is included in your coverage.

Diverse Influences on Transplant Costs

Several factors contribute to the overall cost, including hospital infrastructure and location, length of hospital stay, proficiency of surgeons and their team, utilisation of advanced technology, potential health complications, recovery and rehabilitation, and post-transplant medication expenses.

Additionally, patients venturing outside their hometown for transplants must consider the cost of accommodation near the hospital in the new city, which accrues over several months.

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