Success rate and life expectancy of a BMT

With progress in medicine, the life expectancy of patients undergoing bone marrow transplants is also improving. The success rates depend on many factors like underlying disease, source of cells and patient's general health condition. In comparison to the last decade, the life expectancy of patients has improved.

Success rate
  • Autologous transplant greater than 90%.
Life expectancy
  • Increased lifespan with matched sibling donor of 1 year: 70-80%
  • Increased lifespan with matched unrelated donor of 1 year: 50-60%

Looking for the Success rate and life expectancy of a BMT in Indore

Choosing the ideal Bone Marrow Transplant center

It is essential to learn about different transplant hospitals and centers before finalizing the one. Here are few things to keep in mind while choosing a transplant hospital/center:

  • Consult more than one doctor and talk to patients who have undergone bone marrow transplants in the hospital and know about their experience.
  • Reputation of hospital/center, and it’s mortality rate for transplant patients.
  • If the hospital/center is covered under your insurance policy.
  • Total experience the hospital/center hold in dealing with transplant cases.

Cost analysis of Bone Marrow Transplant

Living with a disease that badly affects your life is an extremely painful experience both for the patient and his family. Getting a bone marrow transplant can certainly improve the quality of life of the patient. The aprroximate cost of bone marrow transplants in India varies between 12-15 lakh for an allogeneic transplant and 8-10 lakh for an autologous transplant approximately. It is essential to check with the insurance company whether the transplant cost is covered in your plan. Various factors that will affect the cost are:

  • Hospital infrastructure and location
  • Length of stay in hospital
  • Expertise of doctors, their team, and use of advanced technology
  • Any health complications
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Post-transplant medications

A patient who travels away from home to hospitals for transplant also needs to keep the cost of stay near the hospital in the new city. The cost of staying also adds up over the course of a few months specially in an allogeneic transplant.

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