Dr. Pranjali Gadgil

Consultant - Breast Surgeon

Dr. Pranjali Gadgil

About Doctor

Dr. Pranjali Gadgil practices as Consultant - Breast Surgeon at Jupiter Hospital, Pune. Dr. Pranjali Gadgil is a breast disease specialist and breast cancer surgeon practicing in Pune. After graduating top of her class in BJ Medical College, Pune, Dr. Gadgil completed her general surgery training and breast disease fellowship in the US. She trained at premier institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, UT Health Science Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Winthrop P Rockfeller Cancer Center. After spending 8 years in the US, she returned to practice in Pune to work towards improving breast care services available to women in India

  • MBBS
  • Fellowship in Breast Surgery

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