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Neurosurgery: Your Comprehensive Center for Brain and Nervous System Care

Discover our Neurosurgery hospital in Pune at Jupiter Hospital, a centre known for its holistic approach. We address a wide array of central and peripheral nervous system disorders. Surgical intervention is considered when medical or therapeutic options have been exhausted. Our comprehensive range of services is meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs.

Neurological Conditions Treated at Jupiter Hospital

Our neurosurgery specialists are well-versed in treating a wide spectrum of neurological conditions, including:

  • Aneurysms and AVMs
  • Tumours affecting the brain, skull, and spine
  • Severe head or spine trauma
  • Degenerative spinal disorders
  • Spinal disc issues and infections
  • Movement disorders like Parkinson's disease and Dystonia
  • Congenital nervous system anomalies such as tethered cord and myelomeningocele
  • Pituitary tumours with an endoscopic approach and endoscopic third ventriculostomy
  • Irregularities in cerebrospinal fluid flow
  • Awake Craniotomies for precise lesion treatment


Dr. Narendra Motarwar

Speciality: Neurosurgery

Designation: Consultant - Neurosurgery

  • Pune

Dr. Rakesh Ranjan

Speciality: Neurosurgery

Designation: Consultant - Neurosurgery

  • Pune

Dr. Sarang Rote

Speciality: Neurosurgery

Designation: Consultant - Neurosurgery

  • Pune

Dr. Vivek Bonde

Speciality: Neurosurgery

Designation: Consultant - Neurosurgery

  • Pune

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Recovery Process After Surgery

The recovery phase after neurosurgery is a crucial time for healing and regaining strength. The specific timeline will vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, your overall health, and your body's response. This guide will give you a general overview of what to expect.

  • Immediate Post-Operative Care: Following surgery, you will be closely monitored in the hospital's intensive care unit or a dedicated recovery area. This allows medical professionals to manage pain, prevent complications like infection, and ensure your vitals are stable. You may experience fatigue, headaches, and some discomfort, but medication will help manage these symptoms.
  • Monitoring and Observation: During this initial phase, doctors will closely monitor your brain function, speech, movement, and other vital signs. Imaging tests like CT scans might be used to track healing progress. This monitoring helps identify and address any potential issues early on.
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: Depending on the surgery, rehabilitation may be a significant part of your recovery. Therapists will work with you to regain strength, coordination, and mobility. This could involve physical exercises, speech therapy, or occupational therapy to help you relearn daily tasks.
  • Medication Management: Your doctor will prescribe medications to manage pain, prevent seizures, or address other specific needs arising from the surgery. It is crucial to follow medication instructions carefully, and communicate any side effects that you experience.
  • Gradual Return to Activities: As you recover, you'll gradually resume daily activities. Your doctor will provide a specific timeline for returning to work, driving, and other physical activities. It's important to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard too soon.
  • Emotional and Psychological Support: Neurosurgery can be a life-altering experience, and emotional and psychological support are crucial for recovery. Talk to your doctor about any anxiety, depression, or difficulty coping you may be experiencing. They can connect you with support groups, therapists, or other resources.
  • Follow-Up Care and Monitoring: Regular follow-up appointments with your neurosurgeon are essential to monitor your healing progress and address any lingering concerns. These appointments might involve imaging tests and medication adjustments to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.
Jupiter Hospital offers a range of neurosurgical services, including:
  • Epilepsy Surgery and Electrocorticography
  • Advanced Aneurysm Treatment
  • Neuro-endoscopy Surgery
  • Microscopic/Endoscopic Disc Surgeries
  • Management of Back Pain
  • Paediatric Neurosurgery
  • Traumatology
  • Skull-base surgery
  • Neuro-oncology, featuring Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Experience exceptional neurosurgery treatment in Pune at Jupiter Hospital, your trusted partner in neurological care.

Technological Resources

At Jupiter Hospital, your trusted neurosurgery hospital in Pune, we've harnessed a diverse array of technologies to greatly enhance the effectiveness of our patient treatments. Our technological arsenal encompasses:

  • Neuronavigation (Medtronic 58)
  • Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (Medtronic)
  • 3 tesla MRI with DTI software MR spectroscopy
  • PET-CT with PET/MRI Fusion Technology
  • CUSA (for the treatment of Brain Tumours)
  • Neuro-endoscopy
  • High-Speed Midas Rep. Drills
  • Intra-Op Doppler
Tailored Patient Care

At Jupiter Hospital, our commitment revolves around addressing the individualised needs of each patient. The treatment approach for every patient is customised, taking into account in-depth diagnostics, including image guidance, screening, and reporting. We conduct thorough assessments of our patient's overall health, as well as consider their genetics and medical history, ensuring they are in the right condition for surgery.

Patient-Centred Facilities

In line with our mission to prioritise patient satisfaction and comfort, we foster strong doctor-patient relationships that facilitate end-to-end care. Our infrastructure, facilities, and a highly skilled team of specialists are readily available, making the journey to recovery as seamless as possible.

Coordinated and Collaborative Services

Our neurosurgery department is staffed by an exceptional team of doctors, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, and support staff who work in harmony, providing a smooth and hassle-free patient experience.

An Embrace of Innovation

At Jupiter Hospital, we welcome innovation in all its forms. Our use of technology extends beyond medical equipment to encompass data management and the enhancement of patient safety measures. In this era of rapid technological advancement, we are unwavering in our commitment to deliver up-to-date services and the highest quality care.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

For us, the surgical procedure is just one part of the journey. Immediately following surgery, our focus shifts to rehabilitation, with the aim of facilitating healthy recovery and helping patients return to their regular lives. Our highly esteemed physiotherapists and dieticians are on hand to offer all the support needed to make healthy lifestyle modifications, expediting a smoother and swifter recovery.

Select Jupiter Hospital for your neurosurgery treatment in Pune where technology, individualised care, patient-centred facilities, collaborative services, innovation, and a focus on recovery come together for your well-being.


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