Dr. Amit Dilip Bhatt

Speciality: Oncology

Designation: Consultant - Medical Oncology

  • Pune


Dr Amit Dilip Bhatt practices as Consultant Cancer specialist at Jupiter Hospital, Pune



Have been involved in conduct of the following Multi central Clinical Trials in Oncology at CMCH Vellore, India as Investigator: 

Principal Investigator   (2005 to 2008)
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Maharashtra


Profess Study: I was the Investigator at Sevagram of this multi-centric international trial. A randomized control trial of Aspirin vs. Clopidogrel and Dipyridamole, and Telmisartan vs. Placebo to prevent second stroke. This trial is evaluating the efficacy of anti-platelets (aspirin vs. a combination of clopidogrel and dipyridamole) and ACE Inhibitor (Telmesartan) in stroke survivors to prevent second stroke in them.

Study Coordinator (2005 to 2007)
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Maharashtra


OASIS 6 Study: A randomized control trial of fondaparinaux vs. placebo in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction, evaluated the role of a new anticoagulant (Fondaparinaux) in management of patients with acute myocardial infarction.

Study Coordinator (2010 onwards)
Christian Medical College , Vellore,Tamil Nadu


  • ASCOLT STUDY- Aspirin for Dukes C and High Risk Dukes B Colorectal Cancers - An International, Multi-centre, Double Blind, Randomized Placebo Controlled Phase III Trial
  • CanterRisk Study -A prospective, non-interventional, cohort survey on VTE risk in patients receiving new chemotherapy for cancer
  • SHINE Study- A Randomized, Open Label Phase IIa Study to assess the Efficacy and Safety of AZD4547 Monotherapy versus Paclitaxel in patients with Advanced Gastric or Gastro-esophageal Junction Cancer with FGFR2 Polysomy or Gene Amplification
  • EPO-ANE-3010- A Randomized, Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 3 Study of Epoetin Alfa plus Standard Supportive Care versus Standard Supportive Care in Anemic Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer Receiving Standard Chemotherapy
  • TNBC Study- A Multi centre, pilot phase II trial assessing the efficacy and safety of Bevacizumab + Gemcitabine + Carboplatin as first line treatment for patients diagnosed with Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • INDOX Breast Study- Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in India: INDOX Case-Control Study.
  • INDOX Colorectal Study- Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer in India: INDOX Case-Control Study.
  • ADYAR-SIOG Study Phase III, Randomized controlled trial of perioperative versus postoperative chemotherapy in resectable carcinoma stomach

Sanjeevan Hospital ,Pune (2013 onwards)


  • Protocol RI-01-002 A Randomised, Multi-centre, Double-blind, Parallel Group Study to Compare the Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Safety and Efficacy of Two Anti-CD20 Monoclonal Antibodies in Combination with CHOP in Patients with CD20-Positive Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
  • A Multicenter, randomized, open label, two treatment, two period, two sequence, multiple-dose, cross-over, bioequivalence study of Everolimus 10 mg tablet once daily manufactured by Par Pharmaceutical with Everolimus 10 mg tablet  manufactured by: Novartis Pharma in Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma patients under fasting condition 
  • An open label, randomized, balanced, two-treatment, two-period, two-sequence, single-dose, crossover, oral bioequivalence study of 60 mg/m2 of Vinorelbine soft capsule from Lotus Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Taiwan compared with that of 60 mg/m2 of NAVELBINE® soft capsule marketed by PIERRE FABRE Limited, Winchester Hampshire S023 7DR, United Kingdom, in adult, patients with advanced breast cancer under fed conditions.

Other achievements

  •  I have co authored chapters in textbooks of repute
    • LUNG CANCER 2012, API: Chapter on Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Lung Cancer.
    • ICU MANUAL, PARAS PUBLICATIONS: Chapters:  Acute Respiratory Failure, Mechanical Ventilation.
    • BREAST CANCER UPDATE 2014: Bone Health in Breast Cancer
  • I have co authored two text books and 1 CD 
    • Care of Elderly in General Practice, a handbook in Geriatrics Care published by Paras Medical Publishers, Hyderabad. [Review published in IAG Journal].
    • Textbook of Family Medicine, a curriculum textbook for DNB Family Medicine published by Paras Medical Publishers, Hyderabad. [Review published in Journal of PG Med Education of DNB

Faculty presentation at medical conferences 

  • APICON 2006, Goa, Feb 2006 
  • INDUS-EM Critical Care Summit, Delhi, Sept 2007
  • GERICON 2008 , Raipur, Dec 2008 
  • BEST of ASCO 2012, Jaipur , July 2012
  • Tata Memorial Hospital- Annual Evidence Based Meeting – Lung Cancer, Mumbai, Jan 2013
  • Breast Cancer Foundation of India- Annual Meeting ,Pune, March 2013
  • Breast Cancer Update- Jehangir Hospital Annual Conference,Pune,May 2013
  • Lymphoma Symposium-Poona Hospital, Pune, CME May 2013
  • Indo-British Oncoplasty Conference ,Pune,May 2013
  • URO-ONCO update Meeting,Pune,June 2013
  • Maharashtra ENT Conference- Annual Meeting- Head and Neck Symposium, Pune, Dec 2013
  • ROCHE Meeting -Pharmacogenetics in Breast Cancer ,Pune, April 2014
  • European Breast Cancer Conference –Indian Chapter, Mumbai, May 2014
  • Indian Medical Association- Head and Neck Symposium ,Pune, Aug 2014
  • ISMPOCON 2014 - Safe Medical practice in oncology Kolkata, December 2014.
  • Association of Maharashtra Medical Oncologists Cancer Congress ,Pune,May 2015
  • Radiance Summit , ,Pune,Sept 2015
  • Research to Practice: Second Generation Taxanes ,Pune,Oct 2015
  • Molecular Oncology Open Forum, ,Pune, December 2015
  • GENOME- Cancer Updates ,Dubai, Nov 2015
  • Molecular Oncology Conference ,1ST MOSCON, Pune, Jan 2016
  • Preceptorship Program (Molecular Oncology Workshop) ,TMH,Mumbai , June 2016
  • Foundation for Head-Neck Oncology-Update Meeting, Mumbai,  July 2016
  • Updates in Her2neu Breast Cancer, Mumbai, June 2016
  • Radiance Summit- Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Colon Cancer ,Pune,June 2016
  • Best of ASCO, Hyderabad, July 2016
  • First RCC Preceptorship Meeting by Singapore Oncology society, July 2016,Singapore
  • Asia Pacific Oncology Summit, July 2016,Seoul, South Korea
  • Organizing Secretary-AMMO [ Association of Maharashtra Medical Oncologists] Annual Conference,6th and 7th Aug 2016
  • UAE CANCER CONGRESS : Lung Cancer Update 21st OCT 2016
  • ISMPOCON 2016 - Annual Conference of Indian Society of Medical & Paediatric Oncology – Male Breast Cancer, Sarcoma Update, New Delhi, India, NOV 2016
  • ESMO ASIA  Singapore Dec 2016:  Poster Presentation :  A retrospective observational study of efficacy and safety of Genexol-PM, a novel Cremophor-free, polymeric micelle formulation of paclitaxel, in patients with solid tumours 
  • APOLLO CANCER CONCLAVE, Pharmogenomic Profiling in Cancer. Hyderabad Feb 2017
  • RCC UPDATE-PFIZER MEETING, Pune, April 2017.
  • UNIVERSAL CANCER CONQUEST MEET, Genetics in Cancer ,Pune, May 2017
  • Updates in Breast Cancer, CONVERGE MEETING, Mumbai ,September 2017
  • Bevacizumab in Practice, Mumbai, December 2017
  • MOSCON 2018 -Molecular Oncology Conference, CMC Vellore. January 2018
  • Cancer Update, ACCORD-SDH meeting, Pune.February 2018
  • Year on Review-Breast Cancer. WCI and Nag Foundation Meeting, Mumbai. February 2018
  • Cancer Update, BNI Dynamic, Pune Chapter, Pune. February 2018.
  • 3rd Year In Review Breast Cancer Conference, February 2018,Mumbai, Expert Group Discussion MBC 
  • 38th ICON meeting, March 2018,Kochi, Liquid biopsy in Lung Cancer - Practical Consensus Recommendations” 
  • 1st Annual Review in GI Malignancies, March 2018,Mumbai,Faculty Presentation 
  • CME on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies, June 2018, Salem- Faculty Presentation 
  • Best of ASCO Conference2018-Offically ASCO Licensed, July2018, Coimbatore – Metastatic RCC-How do I treat today. 
  • Scientific Advisory Board Meeting in Colorectal Cancer: July 2018, Mumbai-Faculty 
  • Oncocon 2018,August 2018,Mumbai, Newer Molecular markers in Lung Cancer 
  • Faculty, 4th Association of Maharashtra Medical Oncologists Conference, August 2018,Nashik. 
  • 4th Indo-British Advanced Master-Class in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery & Breast Cancer Symposium’, August 2018,Pune,Faculty Presentation 
  • Faculty and Member of Core Committee, 39th Indian Cooperative Oncology Network (ICON) Conference, September 2018,Indore 
  • 2nd IBCC (2nd Annual Indian Breast Cancer Conference) ,October 2018,Jaipur, Faculty 
  • Breast Cancer Advisory Board meeting, November 2018,Jaipur,CDK4/6 Inhibitors-Real World Data 
  • Annual conference of ISMPO (India Society of Medical & Paediatric Oncology) – ISMPOCON 2018,November 2018,Jaipur , Molecular Oncology in Clinical Practice 
  • Lung Cancer Year End Review 2018,December 2018,Mumbai,Immunotherapy in Today’s Practice 
  • Leadership Immuno-Oncology Network (LION), 2nd Master Course - 2nd Dec 2018, New Delhi
  • ImmunoOncology National Advisory Forum, December2018, Mumbai, Immunotherapy -Real World Data.
  • BMS Medical ISP meeting in SCCHN - 10th December 2018, Pune
  • CME on "Lung Cancer – Basics to Immunotherapy ,IMA Pune, February 2019
  • 2nd Annual Review in GI Cancers, Mumbai, March 2019
  • 2nd edition “Navigating Clinical Conundrums in Breast cancer" ,April, 2019, Mumbai, India.
  • Leadership Immuno-Oncology Network (LION), 3rd Master Course – 18th & 19th May 2019, Bengaluru
  • 2nd Masterclass in Lung Cancer ,July 2018 ,Bombay Hospital, Mumbai
  • Breast cancer symposium in Best of ASCO, Mumbai.June 2019
  • 5th AMMO Conference,31st August & 1st September, 2019, Thane. 
  • 3rd Annual International Precision Oncology & Breast Cancer Conference, 11th October-13th October, Jaipur
  • 4th SFO International Cancer Conference 13-14 December 2019 , Kathmandu
  • 3rd Lung Cancer Year End review, 20-21 December 2019, Mumbai
  • Member, European Society Of Medical Oncology
  • Member, Associations Of Physicians Of India
  • Member, Indian Society Of Oncology
  • Member, India Academy Of Geriatrics
  • Member, Indian Society Of Medical And Pediatric Oncology
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