Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Speciality: Breast Care

Designation: Consultant - Breast surgery

  • Pune


Dr. Shilpy Dolas is a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon at Jupiter Hospital who is also a Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon. She is an expert in Breast cancer and breast disease problems. She is a surgeon who operates breast cancer and breast cosmetic surgeries. Her specialization areas are Breast conservative surgeries, breast oncoplastic surgeries, Male and female breast surgeries, and developmental breast problems. She is the 2nd student with a certified fellowship in breast diseases/cancer from RGUHS University. She worked in Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center Bangalore with Narayana Hrudayalaya with an excellent track record. Once she returned to Pune, she pursued her International Fellowship in breast cancer, diseases, and reconstruction from Marien Hospital Dusseldorf, Germany, and a UICC surgical oncology fellowship from Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. She has done subspecialisation in organ-based Breast cancer, reconstruction, and aesthetic breast surgeries in early 2010.


  • International School of Oncoplastic Surgery,2nd Indo-British Advanced Masterclass in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Feb 2015.
  • International School of Oncoplastic Surgery ,1st Indo-British Advanced Masterclass in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Feb 2014.
  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Course, 2013
  • Indian Association of Palliative Care Certificate Course, 2013
  • Association of Minimal Access Sugeons of India (AMASI) – fellowship and skill course- March 2008
  • Editor- in “Journal of Young Medical Researchers” (www.journalyoungmed.com), Aug 2013
  • Organizing Secretary – GALAXSES International live workshop, India- 2008
  • Health Camps - 2011-present
  • Health Talks- Cancer prevention - 2011-present
  • As a dedicated Breast cancer and aesthetic breast surgeon 13 years. Overall 16 years.
Professional Highlights
Diagnostic Breast procedures
  • Ultrasound guided breast lump biopsy
  • Cyst aspiration- FNAC of the breast
  • Diagnosis of breast cancer
Benign Breast Disease and problems
  • breast cyst
  • fibroadenomas
  • breast pain
  • breast abscess
Prophylactic Breast surgeries
  • Hereditary/ Genetic breast cancer Risk assessment
  • Genetic Counselling and Testing Routine Breast Examination or breast checkup
  • Guidance on screening Mammography
  • Preventive mastectomy
Breast Cancer Diagnosis and treatment surgery
  • Assessment of mammogram, ultrasound and MRI reports.
  • Pet-CT assessment.
  • Breast cancer confirmation and diagnosis
  • Breast cancer treatment via surgery
  • breast lumpectomy
  • breast mastectomy or MRM
  • Oncoplastic breast surgeries to do breast cancer and breast cosmetic surgeries together
  • skin sparing and nipple sparing mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast reduction and breast implant surgeries
  • Axillary dissection, sentinel lymph node biopsy, axillary reverse mapping surgeries and axillary lump surgeries.
  • Ultrasound guided tumor removal surgeries for high accuracy and breast saving surgeries Lymphoedema prevention surgeries.
  • Nipple correction surgeries
  • Armpit Lump Treatment
  • Breast papilloma surgeries
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Support
  • Specially for patients having breast pain post mastectomy and geriatric age group patients with chronic breast and chest pain.
  • Breast surgery, such as mastectomy, may result in post-mastectomy pain syndrome.
  • To alleviate this pain, anaesthetic blocks may be administered under the guidance of a specialist. This procedure aims to provide relief and improve the patient's overall comfort.
Special Interest
  • Advance Breast cancer surgeries, MRM, BCS, Sentinel Lymph Node biopsy, Axillary clearance, breast oncoplastic surgeries, breast reconstruction surgeries, breast implants, breast reduction surgeries, Axillary reverse mapping for lymphoedema prevention, Male breast cancer surgeries, Gynecomastia surgeries, Breast biopsies and Chemoport Insertion for chemotherapy.
  • Life Member of International Surgical Society - 2013 - present
  • Life Member of Association of Breast Surgeons of India - 2011 - present
  • Life Member of Association of Surgeons of India - 2011 - present
  • Life Member of IMA, PCB - 2016 - present
Research & Publications
  • "Poland's Syndrome – A case report with review of literature regarding management". Breast Diseases–International Journal, 2014;34(3):121-5.
  •  “Axillary reverse mapping: Is it feasible in locally advanced breast cancer patients?”Breast Diseases–International Journal. 2014 Jan 1;34(4):151-5
  • "Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis: A rare entity with a variable presentation". Breast Diseases–International Journal, Nov 13. DOI10.3233/BD-130358 [Epub ahead of print] PMID:24225266.
  • “Breast cancer presenting in the midline without a lesion in the breast: a therapeutic dilemma”- Breast Diseases –International Journal 2013Jan 1;34(2):57-9. DOI: 10.3233/BD-130351.
  • “Immediate microvascular breast reconstruction for locally advanced breast cancer patients”. Indian Journal of Cancer 2013;50(1):S15.
  • “The role of intercosto-brachial nerve preservation in the outcome of post-mastectomy pain syndrome”. Indian Journal of Cancer 2013;50(1):S15.
  • “An audit of triple negative breast cancer patients in a breast cancer unit in India”. Indian Journal of Cancer 2013;50(1):S20.
  •  “To study the expression of Ferroportin in breast cancer tissue: Initial results of an ongoing study”. Indian Journal of Cancer 2013;50(1):S279.
  • “Observations and insights of a breast navigator in a dedicated breast unit”. Indian Journal of Cancer 2013;50(1):S239.
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  •  Lump in post caesarean scar: general surgeons dilemma (A case report)- Medical   Journal of Dr. D Y Patil University 2009
  • A prospective study to compare and evaluate the role of Alvarado score in acute appendicitis.- 2007-2009
  • Association of Breast Surgeons of India ‘ABSICON’, Chandigarh 2013-Axillary Reverse Mapping In Breast Cancer- our experience'  - (selected as best paper)
  • Association of Breast Surgeons of India ‘ABSICON’, Bangalore 2011-Initial experience of scarless surgery of the breast-Vacuum Assisted Device.
  • Lump in post caesarean scar: general surgeons dilemma (A case study).  Surgery conference in Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Pune  2009
  • 1st Indian Cancer Congress 2013- The Role of intercostobrachial nerve preservation in the outcome of post- mastectomy pain syndrome.
  • ABSICON 2013- POLAND’S SYNDROME – A case report with review of literature regarding management.
  • ABSICON’, Chandigarh 2013-Axillary reverse mapping (ARM) in breast cancer- our experience' .
  • Oncology 2012- May 2012- Immediate Microvascular Breast Reconstruction For Locally Advanced Breast cancer.
  • Oncology 2012- May 2012- Triple Negative Breast Cancer In India
Day: Monday/Wednesday
Timing: 14:00 to 16:00
* Timings are subjected to change in case of emergency & unforeseen situations.

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