Shoulder Surgery (Including Arthroscopy Surgeries) in Pune

Restoring Shoulder Function and Pain Relief: Your Path to Pain-Free Movement

Discover specialized treatment at our Shoulder Surgery hospital in Pune, where our expertise lies in the replacement of damaged glenohumeral joints with prosthetic implants. There are several benefits of shoulder surgery, which include pain reduction and improved shoulder function. This surgery enhances the overall quality of life for individuals by restoring their ability to perform daily activities without hindrance.

Shoulder Surgery: Who, Why, and What to Expect

Shoulder surgery is a medical intervention aimed at addressing issues within the shoulder joint, providing relief from pain and discomfort caused by various conditions. Individuals facing persistent shoulder pain, stiffness, or impaired function due to conditions such as arthritis, rotator cuff tears, or fractures may benefit from shoulder surgery.

Demystifying the Process

Shoulder surgery involves procedures like total shoulder replacement, partial shoulder replacement, or reverse shoulder replacement. The choice of procedure depends on the specific condition. Surgeons may use metallic or plastic implants to replace or repair damaged parts of the joint.

Recovery after shoulder surgery involves a carefully designed rehabilitation program. Physical therapy is commonly recommended to rebuild strength and restore range of motion. Adhering to post-operative care instructions is essential for a successful recovery.

Jupiter Hospital’s Effective Treatment Approach in Pune

Our focus is on optimizing the range of motion and alleviating pain, discomfort, and associated symptoms. Our surgical repertoire includes total shoulder replacement, partial shoulder replacement, and reverse shoulder replacement, utilizing metallic and plastic implants. For effective shoulder surgery treatment in Pune, trust our hospital's skilled professionals to deliver quality care and lasting results.


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