Kidney Transplant

Jupiter Hospital offers state of the art care for Kidney Transplant.

Jupiter multi-speciality Hospital is among the handful of hospitals that embrace change and constantly developing technologies to deliver unparalleled treatments and services that are at par with excellence.

We thrive towards offering the finest quality of patient care and give paramount importance to your convenience and satisfaction.

Kidney transplant is one of the core facilities offered at Jupiter multi-speciality and we have a specialized and dedicated team of doctors and surgeons who always keep your safety and well-being at the epicentre. It is a centre of competence and excellence that has transformed many lives and serves as a ray of hope for many more. 

The hospital resorts to the use of leading-edge technology and state of the art techniques for monitoring, assessing and improving the quality of patient care and give you an experience that is exemplary in every sense. The consistent and seamless efforts of our experts have always been fruitful in catering to your needs and standing up to your expectations.

Our specialists have years of experience in the field and recommend a kidney transplant after analysing the overall health of the patients and making sure that they are eligible for the surgery. 

Why Choose Jupiter Multi-Speciality Hospital?

  • Pre-surgical services-The pre-operative services offered by us aim at preparing you for the surgery physically as well as mentally. The former includes a brief study of medical history, physical examination, tests and screenings, as recommended by your doctor whereas the latter involves proper counselling and briefing to help you understand the whole procedure.
  • Post-surgical care-Soon after the surgery is conducted, the patient is shifted to the ICU for keen observation until he gains consciousness, after which he will be taken to his room. We offer 1:1 nurse assistance and 24/7 care to make sure that your stay at the hospital is hassle-free. Our doctors will check on you from time to time to make sure that there is no complication.
  • Hygiene and sanitation-Hygiene and sanitation play a crucial role in any invasive procedure as the very fact that the patient is being operated upon makes him vulnerable to infections. However, our hospital is one of the best in class central sterile supply department and our operation theatres have laminar airflow which negates the risks of surgical infections thereby making the procedure even safer.
  • Optimistic outlook- A positive and optimistic outlook is the key to success be it in life or the field of medicine. We promote the same to help our patients to cope up with the pre and post-operative stress in order to facilitate healthy and faster healing.
  • Open to innovation- We foster a culture of innovation and try to remain up to date with the changing trends of the medical world. Use of leading-edge technologies and digitally simulated image-guided surgeries not only adds to the accuracy and precision but also minimizes various unnecessary complications.
  • Healthy doctor-patient communication- We facilitate a healthy doctor-patient communication to help you get your queries answered by the experts themselves. Our doctors keep you well informed about your condition at all times.
  • Organized team- The team consists of specialized doctors, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, counsellors, dieticians, physiotherapists and nursing staff who perform their roles with utmost proficiency and work in close collaboration to make sure that the surgery is a success.

Areas of Specialization

  • Cadaveric Renal Transplantation-This involves the replacement of the damaged kidneys of a person with healthy kidneys taken from a deceased donor or a person who has just died. The decision is based on the prior consent of the deceased donor or his family members. The cause of death does not matter as long as the kidney is in a healthy state.
  • Living Kidney Transplant- The procedure involves the replacement of a dysfunctional or damaged kidney of the patient with a healthy one taken from a living donor.In this case, the patient does not need to wait for months on the waiting list. This also gives you a chance to pre-schedule your transplant as per your and your donor’s convenience.
  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy- It is a minimally invasive alternative to open donor nephrectomy which involves the removal of a healthy kidney from the body of the donor. The procedure results in reduced pain, lesser scars and shortened convalescence.

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Dr. Charan Bale

Speciality: Nephrology

Designation: Consultant - Nephrologist

  • Pune

Dr. Shailesh T. Kakde

Speciality: Nephrology

Designation: Consultant - Nephrology

  • Pune

Dr. Sushil Chavan

Speciality: Nephrology

Designation: Consultant - Nephrologist and Transplant Physician

  • Pune

Dr. Swati Mane

Speciality: Nephrology

Designation: Nephrologist

  • Pune

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