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Epilepsy Management

Jupiter Hospital offers state of the art care for Epilepsy Management.

A condition marked by neurological abnormalities that lead to anomalous brain activities resulting in seizures, bouts of eccentric behaviour and loss of awareness and sensation.

We offer a wide range of strategies and treatment options that include medication, surgery, dietary modifications and nerve stimulation.


Dr. Hemant Sant

Speciality: Neurology

Designation: Consultant - Neurologist

  • Pune

Dr. Nisha Deshpande

Speciality: Paediatrics & Neurology

Designation: Consultant - Paediatrician

  • Pune

Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Speciality: Neurology

Designation: Neurologist

  • Pune

Dr. Shivaraj Mohan Hunge

Speciality: Neurology

Designation: Consultant Neurology

  • Pune

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