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Speech Therapy

Jupiter Hospital offers state of the art care for Speech Therapy.

What is Speech Language Pathology & Who are Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)?

Speech Language Pathology is a branch of science that deals with a range of communication and swallowing disorders affecting people of all ages.

As we all know, “Communication is the key to human development” and we Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are certified professionals who screen, identify, assess, and provide individualised intervention services to adults and children with speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders.

SLPs work with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals like Neurologist, ENT, Paediatrician, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers and Psychologists among others.
SLPs work towards making people ‘Effective Communicators’ by helping them understand words and sentences, produce meaningful utterances, modifying their speech clarity, accent, fluency, tone and rhythm of speech.

Role of an SLP/ SLPs Scope of practice:

SLPs play an important role in identifying communication difficulties in children. Some of the conditions where we are involved in the assessment and intervention are children with developmental delays, unclear speech or incorrect pronunciation, stammering, hearing loss, Autism Spectrum Disorder , ADHD and swallowing disorders in children with Cerebral Palsy or other neuro-developmental disorders.

A crucial role of an SLP is involved in the assessment and intervention services for adults. Adults post a Stroke or head trauma have difficulties in speaking and swallowing. SLPs effectively identify these deficits and also provide appropriate therapy to bridge the breakdown in communication. Patients with neuro degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia also have various difficulties in communication and swallowing. SLPs help these individuals communicate verbally or provide other modes of communication so that the individual is able to communicate their thoughts effectively.

Another niche area of expertise is in identifying and treating adults with certain voice disorders, be it singers, teachers or professional voice users. We often see adults with stammering, unclear speech and who would like to enhance their accent to be able to speak more fluently.

When & How can you reach out to a Speech Language Pathologist?

If you may experience any difficulty in communication or observe your near and dear ones with any of the above mentioned difficulties, please reach out to the ‘Speech Language Pathology Department at Jupiter Hospital Pune and book an appointment with our Speech Language Pathologist.

SLPs are involved in the assessment and intervention of the following disorders:

Children: Adults:
Speech and language delays- Developmental delays Post Stroke, Head[p1] Trauma
Unclear speech, incorrect pronunciation Parkinson’s Disease
Stammering Swallowing Disorders (post stroke/ neurological conditions or due to oral cancers)
Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Social Communication Disorders Stammering, unclear speech and incorrect pronunciation
Swallowing disorders in children Voice Disorders
Syndromes with communication delays (Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, etc) Speech, voice and swallowing disorders post laryngeal and oral cancers
Hearing loss Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
Parental counselling on early communication skills with their child Speech enhancement- Accent modification

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Dr. Hemant Sant

Speciality: Neurology

Designation: Consultant - Neurologist

  • Pune

Dr. Nisha Deshpande

Speciality: Paediatrics & Neurology

Designation: Consultant - Paediatrician

  • Pune

Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Speciality: Neurology

Designation: Neurologist

  • Pune

Dr. Shivaraj Mohan Hunge

Speciality: Neurology

Designation: Consultant Neurology

  • Pune

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