Intestine Transplant in Pune

Navigating the Path to Intestinal Health: Expert Diagnosis, Treatment, and Personalized Care

Surgical intervention known as intestinal transplantation is undertaken to address the challenges of intestinal failure and to handle complications associated with parenteral nutrition (PN). Various conditions may prompt the need for intestinal transplants, with some being apparent from birth while others manifest over time.

Looking for the Intestine Transplant in Pune

Need for Intestinal Transplant

Numerous acute and chronic ailments can impact intestinal function, prompting the need for intestinal transplants. Key conditions include:

  • Top Parenteral Nutrition Related Complications:
    • Parenteral nutrition-induced liver disease, a leading cause of intestinal failure.
    • Central venous catheter (CVC) related thrombosis, risking loss of access to vital veins.
  • Frequent Central Line Sepsis:
    • Two or more yearly episodes of bloodstream infection due to central venous line infections.
  • Underlying Diseases:
    • Desmoid tumors linked with familial adenomatous polyposis.
    • Congenital mucosal disorders.
    • Ultra-short bowel syndrome, including cases in infants and adults.
  • Intestinal Failure Causes:
    • Intolerance to parenteral nutrition.
    • Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) owing to surgical removal of large intestine sections.
    • Motility disorders (Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction).
  • Intra-abdominal Non-Metastasizing Tumors:
    • Including conditions like Crohn’s Disease, Ischemia, Trauma, Tumor, and Volvulus.

Types of Intestinal Transplants

Patients may be recommended different types of intestinal transplants based on severity and overall health:

  • Intestine only
  • Modified multivisceral transplant (all organs except the liver)
  • Combined liver and intestine with pancreas transplant
  • Full multivisceral transplant (pancreas, intestine, liver, stomach, and duodenum)

For individuals with underlying conditions that notably impact various sections of the digestive system, the consideration of multivisceral transplants becomes crucial. Opt for our facility for a comprehensive approach to intestinal transplant treatment in Pune.

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