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Rebuilding Function and Enhancing Well-being: Liver Transplant Expertise at Jupiter Hospital

Liver transplantation is a complex surgical procedure aimed at replacing a malfunctioning liver with a healthy one. This transformative process involves the transplantation of either a segment or the entire liver, sourced from either a brain-dead organ donor or a living, healthy donor.

Liver Transplant Treatment in Pune’s Jupiter Hospital

Seeking liver transplant treatment in Pune? Our hospital is dedicated to delivering specialised care and tailored treatment plans. Our adept medical professionals conduct precise living donor and deceased organ donation transplants, ensuring a holistic and empathetic approach to liver transplantation.


Dr. Guruprasad Shetty

Speciality: Liver Transplant

Designation: Chief Liver Transplant and HPB Surgeon

  • Thane, Indore

Dr. Suhas Sudhakarrao Udgirkar

Speciality: Gastroenterology

Designation: Consultant - Gastroenterology

  • Pune

Looking for the Liver Transplant in Pune

Types of Liver Transplant

Living Donor Liver Transplant
This method involves extracting a portion of the liver from a living donor. Leveraging the liver's unique regenerative capability, both the transplanted portion and the residual part of the donor's liver can naturally regenerate to their normal size within 2-4 weeks.

Deceased Organ Donation Transplant
This procedure entails grafting a liver from a recently deceased individual. The donated liver may be utilised as a whole for a single recipient or divided into two, providing benefits to two recipients concurrently.

The Imperative for Liver Transplant

Liver transplantation emerges as a crucial recourse when confronted with diverse acute and chronic maladies compromising liver function. Typically reserved for individuals grappling with end-stage liver disease resistant to alternative treatments, the following conditions necessitate consideration:

Acute Liver Failure
Rapid onset of liver dysfunction, known as fulminant hepatic failure, characterises acute liver failure. This condition typically unfolds in patients devoid of pre-existing liver disease.

Viral Hepatitis
An infection triggering inflammation or damage to the liver.

Alcoholic Liver Disease
Stemming from excessive alcohol consumption, this condition induces liver damage, culminating in fat accumulation, inflammation, and scarring, often carrying fatal implications.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver
Characterised by the accumulation of fat in the liver, this condition may progress to inflammation and scarring over time. Possible causes of NAFLD are obesity, metabolic syndrome, or type 2 diabetes.

Primary Liver Cancer
The identification of cancerous growths in the liver signifies primary liver cancer. Treatment modalities may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, partial liver removal, or transplant.

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