Pancreas Transplant

A pancreas transplant is a surgical method performed to replace a pancreas that is not working correctly with a healthy pancreas from a deceased donor. Most pancreas transplants are done for patients with type I diabetes. This offers a potential cure for a patient with this condition. However, a pancreas transplant is usually reserved for patients with severe complications of diabetes because the side effects of this transplant can be significant.

Looking for the Pancreas Transplant in Pune

Need for Pancreas Transplant

Various ailments may affect the functioning of the pancreas and may generate a need for pancreas transplants. Although the pancreas transplant offers a potential cure for patients with type I diabetes, the side effects of anti-rejection medications needed post-transplant must outweigh the benefits of getting the transplant. Usually, for a patient suffering from one or more of the below-mentioned conditions, a pancreas transplant is considered a viable option. Some of the similar conditions are listed below:

  • Type I diabetes which is not controlled with regular treatment
  • Type II diabetes associated with both low insulin production and low insulin resistance
  • Very poor blood sugar control
  • Frequent severe insulin reactions
  • Hypoglycaemia unawareness
  • Severe kidney damage

Type of Pancreas Transplant

There are different ways in which pancreas transplant is performed depending upon the situation and conditions from which patient is suffering. Below are some of the conditions which may require you to go for pancreatic transplant:


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