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Today, we are living in a world where medicine has made great advancements and it has become possible to treat patients suffering from various diseases and ailments with higher efficiency and precision. Breast cancer treatment, too, has also become highly reliable, however, we cannot simply ignore how the diagnosis and treatment, both, have a very deep impact on the patient and experts specializing in breast cancer surgery in Pune suggest that this can be both physical as well as psychological.

The numbers speak

In the year 2020, 2.3 million women, across the globe, were diagnosed with breast cancer and nearly 685,000 lost their battle to it. The Globocan data 2020 suggests that breast cancer accounts for nearly 13.5 per cent of all cancers affecting Indians and as far as the death rate is concerned, it contributes with a percentage of 10.6 per cent.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies in women, which is marked by the growth and development of abnormal cells in tissues in the breasts, which is predominantly due to the abnormal mutations in the DNA of these cells. Breast cancer progresses through 5 different stages starting from Stage 0, right up to Stage IV.

As per the top breast surgeons in Thane, early diagnosis and treatment can help to treat cancer with higher efficiency. This is because the cancer is still localized and as such, it is easier to remove. Any delay in treatment will give enough time for the cancer cells to metastasize and spread to other areas of the body, making it extremely difficult to cure cancer. Hence, it is recommended to go for regular screenings and seek immediate medical intervention if you are experiencing any related symptoms.

Don't let the stress take over

For any person on this planet, being diagnosed with breast cancer is something that is not easy to comprehend and cope with. Different people will react to the news in different ways. The whole situation can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming. However, you cannot just give in to the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed because this is the time when your focus should be on getting the right treatment and fighting cancer with all your strength. It is important to understand that there are going to be days that are more difficult than the rest especially when you go for therapies in treatment because just like any other medical procedure these two have certain side effects that you need to cope with. The best possible thing to do is to prepare yourself for all the ups and downs. Start by educating yourself about the disease, but make sure you are referring to reliable information available on authentic sites. Besides, here are if you tips that you may find helpful in dealing with the hard days.

  • Improvise your lifestyle - By improvise, we mean that you should try to indulge in more and more healthy practices, whether it comes to your daily activity level or your diet. You should work towards maintaining a healthy weight while making sure that you are getting enough of all the essential nutrients that are important for strengthening your body and building your immunity. When you feel physically fit and strong it automatically enhances your psychological well-being too.
  • Don't fear the physical changes - While your body is fighting cancer it will experience many physical changes, some of which may even be due to the treatment. It is important to understand that these changes are inevitable and a part of the whole process, so you need not fear them and rather be prepared for the same. Talk to your doctor about all the expected changes like loss of hair, change in body weight, or post-mastectomy changes.
  • Talk to your friends and family - You can hide your emotions from others but not from yourself. Sometimes you just have to let go and share what you are feeling with people you trust and love to help you take off that weight from your chest. Talk to your family in friends without any fear of judgement. This will not make you weak, but rather boost your morale to fight back harder. Let your loved ones be your support.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer it is important to plan your treatment at the earliest. You can conserve the experts specializing in cancer surgery in Pune, for all the care and guidance you need.