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It’s not uncommon for children to have kidney diseases as these can affect people of any age group. But, for parents to accept the fact that their little one is suffering from the same can be quite overwhelming. When parents find out about their kids having kidney disease, they wonder if they could have done anything to prevent it. However, it is important to understand that in a majority of the cases, kidney diseases are unpreventable, though the risks of the same may be lowered by taking necessary precautions and following a healthy lifestyle.

Best nephrologists in Pune suggest that most kidney diseases can be easily cured if you opt for timely treatment. This is the reason why your sole focus should be on getting the right treatment when you find out that your child is suffering from kidney disease. The best way to go about it is by focusing on what can be done now and seeking immediate medical help and guidance.

Birth defects and blockages – More often than not it is a birth defect or blockage that triggers kidney diseases among children and such children are usually born with a narrow or blocked urethra. In such cases, surgery is required to clear the blockage to allow the urine to leave the body without any hindrance or discomfort. Long term medication may also be needed along with the surgery to help in the effective management of the problem.

Fetal hydronephrosis – The problem is more common in infants as compared to older children, and is marked by the enlargement of the child’s kidneys due to urine accumulation. This may happen even before the baby is born, i.e. when it is still inside the womb. The problem usually becomes evident when the expecting mother goes for fetal ultrasound. The condition is usually treated with the help of surgery, however, this is only required for severe cases.

Urinary tract infections – It is a very common problem triggered by a bacterial infection in the urinary tract. Different parts of the urinary tract may be involved at the same time. When only the bladder of the child has been affected, the condition is referred to as cystitis and when the kidneys are affected along with the bladder the condition is called pyelonephritis. Pyelonephritis is a more serious condition and it can cause permanent damage to the kidneys. It can also lead to scarring. As per the best doctors of kidney in Pune, urinary tract infections are easier to detect in older children as compared to infants. Common symptoms associated with urinary tract infection include painful urination, cloudy and yellow urine, and traces of blood in the urine. An infant suffering from urinary tract infection is likely to throw up or have loose motions, which is often accompanied by low-grade fever and pain in the abdomen. Urine samples are evaluated to check for the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics may be given to help with the same. Relief can be seen after 12 to 24 hours. Hospitalization may be required in extreme cases.

Reflux disorder – Reflux is a condition marked by the backward flow of the urine into the bladder instead of coming out like it normally should. This is a result of a defect in the valves that lie between the ureters and the bladder. It can lead to an infection that can spread to the kidneys, leading to serious consequences.

Nephrotic syndrome – The condition is marked by the inability of the kidneys to stop the protein from leaking into the urine. The condition is more common in boys as compared to girls. The problem usually becomes evident when the child has a cold or infection.