Breast Cancer

At Jupiter Hospital’s Breast Surgery Department, we offer one-stop diagnosis and treatment for all breast health concerns all under one roof.

Preventive Breast Health 
Screening Mammography, Annual Clinical Breast Exams, Teaching of Self-Breast Exams

Diagnostics for Breast Complaints
Breast Lumps and swelling, Nipple Discharge, Breast Pain, Breast Infections, Breast-Feeding Problems

Treatment of Benign Breast diseases
Breast Cyst and Fibroadenoma treatment with minimally invasive and scar-less techniques.

Advanced Breast Cancer Surgery
Nipple-skin sparing mastectomy with reconstruction, axillary reverse mapping for lymphedema prevention, intraoperative ultrasound, specimen mammography and frozen section, Oncoplastic Surgery to preserve cosmesis.

Aesthetic Breast Problems
Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction, Breast Reconstruction post-mastectomy, Correction of asymmetry and deformity, Gynecomastia Surgery, Developmental Breast Problems

Genetic Counselling and Testing
Assessment of High-Risk Family History, Genetic Testing for BRCA and other genemutations. High-risk Surveillance, Medical and Surgical Treatments for patients with genetic breast cancer risk.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Treatment Planning
Tumor board discussion of each case with multiple-specialists in breast surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, onco-pathology, radiology and palliative care specialists.

All-inclusive care

Treatments :

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