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Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide and there are many popular ideas and misconceptions related to how it spreads. Some might even seem to make sense but that doesn't mean they have to be true. Such misconceptions can be a source of stress for many. The first step towards beating any disease is by educating yourself about it. Nowadays, a lot of information is available online that can help you understand all about cancer, but can we really believe all of what we read? Well, I don't think so. Cancer affects millions worldwide and as such, it is very important to spread awareness about it. This block reply to do the same with the help of the expert specialising in oncology treatment in India.

Myth 1 - Cancer is a death sentence

Many people fear cancer because of the fact that they start believing that there is no way of escaping it. You will be surprised to know that the likelihood of dying from cancer has significantly dropped over the years. All thanks to the latest innovations and advancements in cancer treatment, that have significantly helped to reduce the mortality rate by making it easier to diagnose, assess and treat the patients. It is important to understand that the lifespan of a person who has been detected with cancer depends upon a variety of different factors. This includes the type of cancer, the area of the body that is involved, the age of the patient, the stage at which the cancer is detected and the overall health of the patient.

Myth 2 - Consuming sugar can worsen your cancer

If you have given up all your favourite sweets and delicacies thinking that this might aggravate your cancer, here's some good news for you. Consuming sugar does not worsen your cancer. Although experts from the best cancer hospital in India suggest that cancer cells are more likely to consume glucose as compared to normal cells, there is no evidence to prove that the same can make your cancer worse. Some people even believe that giving up cancer might help to shrink the tumour. This again holds no relevance. Taking excess sugar can however promote obesity, which is likely to increase the risks of certain types of cancer, but this does not hold true for all types of cancer.

Myth 3 - Cancer is contagious

Some of you might find it funny, but there are people out there who do believe that cancer can spread from one person to another by coming into contact. Well, the only way by which malignancy can spread from one person to another is via organ or tissue transplant. Still, the chances are quite low, accounting for nearly 2 out of 10,000 organ transplants. It is due to this very reason that doctors usually refrain from using organs and tissues taken from donors who have a history of cancer. So it is important to know that cancer is not contagious and does not spread through direct contact.

Myth 4 - Tumor biopsy can promote the spread of cancer

A lot of people refrain from going for a biopsy believing that it will cause the tumour to burst, resulting in the eruption of cancerous cells that will spread throughout the body. The chances of malignancies spreading from one part of the body to another, because of surgery, are very low. The procedures are carried out by experts using special equipment which helps to ensure the utmost levels of precision and accuracy. Doctors use different surgical tools to collect samples from different parts of your body, which further has to negate any such risks.

If you want to know more about cancer and how it spreads, book an appointment with the best doctor in India, at Jupiter Hospital.