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Covid-19 has presented people living with cancer with a new set of challenges. Many patients are worried about whether they are at considerable risk of getting the new coronavirus, developing serious COVID-19 symptoms or dying from it.

Many cancer hospitals have started taking extra precautions to protect the patients. But due to the fear of Covis-19, many patients have skipped screenings, people with newly diagnosed cancer are postponing lifesaving treatment and those undergoing cancer treatment have delayed their scans and blood tests.

Goals to achieve

If you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment from a cancer hospital in Pune, you should take home quarantine measures, minimalize social contact, frequently use hand sanitizers and wash hands with soap and water. You can also inculcate some habbits in Lockdown.

Step 1: You can start by forming a new habit such as writing, learning music or cooking. This would help you in preventing your mind from going astray. Any habit takes time to develop, and thus you need to work towards it every day.

Step 2: You should not neglect the importance of physical health during this period. It is essential that you stay fit because by doing exercises, your body will release chemicals called endorphins which will also elevate mood and improve mental health. Don’t take physical exercise in the literal sense of performing a set of exercise for some duration, instead, take up any activity that keeps you sharp and at times that does not lead to much exertion.

Step 3: It is crucial that you don’t feel demotivated. Set some achievable goals and celebrate every gained milestone. This may range from a wide variety of things, be it learning a new song, writing a new poem, or completing a para. And achievements like this can be rewarded with an extra helping or watching your favourite shows on telly.

Innovations in Care

In the wake of the pandemic, the best hospital in Thane, have found new and more flexible ways to deliver cancer care to patients.

Treatments are being administered in a different order or on a modified schedule, such as giving medication to the cancer patients while they are awaiting delayed surgery or receiving radiations or infusions less often. Sometimes, oral medicines are being substituted for IV chemotherapy.

Some doctors recommend using therapies that result in less immune suppression or cause fewer side effects that could require hospitalization. If you are suffering from low-risk cancer, you can opt for active surveillance rather than immediate treatment. This will result in less monitoring scans.

Many cancer hospitals have transferred some of their on-site care to telemedicine and home care. Oncologists and consultants are giving advice about a diagnosis or side effects through video chat; enabling loved ones and caregivers to participate.

Also, if you are any of the cancer support group, you can attend their support groups and mental health counselling through video meeting. Some cancer providers have even given patients devices and equipment’s to monitor their vital signs and conduct tests at home.

Recognizing its importance during the crisis, for the oncology treatment in Pune, some hospitals have expanded its coverage of telehealth. The best doctors in Pune are continually evolving and implementing new technology to improve patient safety. Cancer hospitals have developed web applications to keep track of patient records and investigation reports, planned home collection of blood samples and created patient pathways to minimize unnecessary contact; ensuring smooth and safe health care delivery.

However, there is a digital divide in accessing the technology and familiarity with new devices, which cannot be ignored. These conditions hinder people from using modern technology and putting obstacles in getting the medical care that they need.

An essential key which balances concerns about COVID-19 and cancer progression is the communication, which takes into the account of their risk factors, type of cancer and its stage.

Although Covid-19 has brought many lives to a standstill and created disruptions in a significant aspect of life, it shouldn’t mean that your cancer treatment should come to a halt. It is better to make personalized decisions and implement technological solutions to overcome conventional challenges. Cancer hospital in Pune is striving to continue care for cancer patients who are most vulnerable during these times.