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Cancer is a life-threatening condition that can affect people of any age group or gender, however, early intervention can help you to beat any malignancy with great efficacy. For this, it is very important to recognise the symptoms and get them evaluated at the earliest. People often tend to overlook small symptoms and warning signs due to the lack of proper knowledge. Although these do not necessarily mean that you have cancer, the best doctors in India suggest that it is always a better idea to go for proper evaluation and assessment.

There are over a hundred different types of cancer and these have varying symptoms. One cannot simply remember all of these and watch out for them. Rather you can learn about the common symptoms, which are much easier to recognise.

If you are still wondering which symptoms should not be taken lightly, here is a list of some, highlighted by the experts specialising in oncology treatment in India.

Pain - Pain is a very common symptom of cancer as you usually start experiencing it from the very initial stages. However, in some cases, you may also experience pain in the later stages of cancer and feel nothing at all during the initial stages. People suffering from bone cancer are likely to experience chronic and persistent pain in the affected area and it slowly radiates towards other parts of the body. Some malignancies can also trigger chronic headaches. This especially holds for brain tumours.

Unexplained weight loss - Most people suffering from cancer tend to experience a drastic change in their weight. If you are losing weight because of cancer it is commonly referred to as cancer cachexia. This is a wasting syndrome, triggered by abnormalities in your metabolism. In order to fight cancer cells, your body generates a variety of proteins known as cytokines. This can not only cause your way to drop but can also lead to loss of muscle, as well as appetite.

Fatigue - General body weakness and fatigue is another common sign of cancer, experienced by almost 80 to 100% of patients. However, this fatigue is slightly different from the one you experience when you are tired after a long day of work. You are likely to feel drained or washed out even if you have not indulged in any kind of activity for the whole day. Even small day to day activities seem like a burden and this is often accompanied by distress. People with leukaemia usually experience fatigue from the initial stages.

Fever - When we have any disease or infection, our body responds to it by raising its temperature. People suffering from cancer usually tend to have a fever when their cancer has advanced or spread. There are very rare chances of a patient having fever as the early sign of cancer. As per the experts from the best cancer hospital in India, patients suffering from blood cancer and lymphoma may have high fever persistently for a couple of days or even weeks.

Changes in the skin - Any abrupt or sudden change in your skin, such as new moles, bumps or even marks, can be a sign of skin cancer. It is pertinent to understand that such changes are not necessarily linked to the skin but can also be caused by a variety of other cancers. For instance, if your skin turns pale, itchy or dark, it might be a malignancy of the liver, kidney or even lymphoma. So if you have been feeling very itchy lately, it's high time to see a doctor.

It is always a better idea to get yourself evaluated if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.